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What version of FF are you using?

Can someone please address that supposed corruption issue with the Firefox download? Is it happening to anyone else?
I know FF has been a shitshow lately with HH. Let me get Chris in here and see if he can give you some insight.
Mozilla unexpectedly broke Hover Hound in Firefox 52 and it stayed broken for a few weeks while the update was being approved. I just tested a fresh install on Firefox 53 and I did not received an error.

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What are they thinking marking up the prices like that?

EVGA does refurbs and are probably the only decent deal right now. That will become the thing to buy after the price surge drops down.
Also, hopefully, when Vega drops that will increase competition and help pricing at least a little bit. But that launch isn't until the end of this month AND we have no idea what AMD's supply will be like. If it paper launches, than expect this drought to continue even longer.
Was waiting to take advantage of 4th of July deals but I guess this is not the month for deals. Need small form factor gpu. This sucks.
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Facebook marketing

Hello Ive been running an hot tub business for a year now I get my customer purely from spamming Facebook selling sites in my local area. I have a Facebook page with 1500 likes but I don't post content on it and only use the page so customers can leave there reviews.

The service I provide is very competitive In price for what I offer. I'm looking for help and assistance in finding another method/s to fill more bookings. I've paid for adds before on Facebook with other products but they turned out to be a waste of money for me. This may be because I'm not using it correctly


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http://w ww.ukbusinessforums.co.uk/threads/facebook-marketing.371004/


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In-store sales from Digital Marketing


I have a beauty product with recognition in the Hispanic community. That said, I need to drive in-store visits to multiple Walgreen stores across the US from Digital Marketing (some radio could work as well). What strategy will you recommend? Thanks in advance.



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Has anyone hit a plateau in their sales and marketing?

I feel like i hit a plateau in my sales and marketing. I'm starting to specialize both into one specific thing. Mastering lead generation, and following through to the close, with follow up, and of course creating a professional long term relationship that people can trust.

I'm not really having trouble executing, i practice every day nonstop.

What have you done to get through your creative roadblocks?



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Why did iMore discontinue their Android app?


iMore does have a Android App. Looks like this in the App store. Sometimes these things can be hard to find. The App does have access to their blog so you can still read everything. Also, if you want to. You can click on the 'author' which is 'Mobile Nations' and that should bring up all the Apps thats made by them...Please Help.

Thanks !
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Договор на It-аутсорс

Доброго времени суток! Не могли бы вы поделится шаблоном договора на IT-аутсорсинг.

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Посоветуйте систему хранения

Посоветуйте систему хранения для находящихся в ожидании, в ремонте и на выдаче ноутов, планшетов и смартфонов. С нормальным ценником и удобством. 

Пришлось на дорогущий ноут клиенту новую матрицу покупать после того как мы её поцарапали :(.  Не хочу повторения.

Может кто сам использует нечто подобное?

Сам пока нарыл: http://www.sklad-box.ru/

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Создать сайт для заработка

Всем привет, посоветуйте пожалуйста какой создать сайт самонаполняющийся, если у кого есть в этом опыт помогите , хочу сделать сайт а какой правильно теперь думаю , хочу на нем заработать...

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Аутсорсинг 2016 – быть или не быть?

Здравствуйте,  коллеги.

К сожалению, этот хороший сайт умирает, но очень надеюсь, что сам аутсорсинг жив.


Хотелось бы еще раз поговорить о начале своего дела. Надеюсь на отзывы и советы. Пост будет длинный. Разделил пост на пронумерованные пункты с вопросами по каждому. Получились и вопросы, и мысли вслух.

При желании, можете писать соображения по пунктам, по которым есть, что сказать. Также по тексту решил указать ссылки на статьи, которые мне пригодились.

Сразу уточняю – открываю ИП и работаю пока один, никаких супер-стартапов и бизнес-идей не будет.

К вопросу хочу подойти серьезно. Изучил много статей на сайте. А здесь Валерий Бычков даже собрал все в кучу и сделал пособие:

Как начать свой ИТ-бизнес? Итоги...

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