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How do I clone Windows 8.1 from SSD to USB Drive?

Ok, here's the scoop. My wife's laptop died. It was the HDD. I installed a brand new SSD, did a clean install of Windows 8.1, updated Windows with all the new updates, installed the drivers for the laptop as well as Microsoft Office.
Now I would like to have a SSD to a USB drive. I just spent an entire week setting up her laptop all over again. I'd like to create an HDD.
I forgot to create a partition on the SSD. I simply installed everything on the SSD. There is presently 30 GB of 240GB of OS, data, etc. on the SSD. Here's my big question:
How do I clone Windows 8.1 from SSD to 64 GB USB Drive?
Please help me if you can!
I have not found the right solution from the internet. 

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