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How do I make the camera face my intended region of interest between two keyframes?

If the keyframes are separated by a large spatial distance, often the camera will not be pointing directly toward your intended point of interest. To fix this, move halfway between the keyframes and update the camera position. Example for, screenshot Animated Overview Profile the Video the if you want to change the direction of the camera angle for Between a keyframe 1 and keyframe 2, type 1.5 in the Keyframe List in the Edit group on the Animation tab, and then press Enter. You can also drag the scrubber in the Animation Timeline pane to an intermediate position between keyframes. Next, update the camera position by either recentering the camera (press Ctrl and left-click in the view) or controlling the rotation using keyboard shortcuts. For example, press the B key and use the left mouse button to look around from a pivot point. Or, press the V key in combination with the left and right arrow keys to rotate. When you have finished updating the view for this intermediate position, click the Update button Set Keyframe and the new keyframe is created between keyframes 1 and 2 with the adjusted rotation.

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