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How to write extremely seductive sales copy?

I want to make a good number of sale on my blog. I am currently trying in the affiliate marketing sector. I am very much new to this. I would like to know that how do I get irresistible and sexy sales copy which is surely going to make my readers buy from me. Like it has to be so good that if the reader reads the first sentence he/she will have to finish reading the whole sales copy. And after reading he or she will be highly motivated to buy from my website. And I will get a good commission. 

And I am not selling any bad product through affiliate marketing. What I am trying to sell are actually the good things. 

But no matter what I wanna learn the way to write sales copy that is very much irresistible for anything. It may be online courses or it maybe a part of an automobile.

I am already doing a course on Udemy. It's about how to write a really good story. That can lead to a lot of sales.

Thanks a lot in advance.



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