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Which scanner to buy

I have an old Epson 2450 Perfection scanner that did a decent job of scanning 35mm color slides. On Windows. But I don't have a Windows box anymore and don't want one.
On Linux, with XSane and other such programs that scanner does a good job in flatbed mode but it fails to turn on the backlight when in "transparency" mode. So for transparencies it doesn't work at all.
I bought VueScan and that doesn't work in transparency mode either.
Wine dies trying to startup various twain dot exe drivers from Epson.
I'm ok with that. It's a 15 year old scanner. I'm happy to buy a new one but I want a scanner that will do 35mm slides, from Mint Cinnamon Linux. Actually I don't care about linux distribution.
I just want a scanner that works, and I don't have a Windoze box anymore. 
Any suggestions?
Reference http://www.linuxquestions.org/questions/linux-hardware-18/which-scanner-to-buy-4175610675/

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