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There is more beyond the limit!

“Take a deep breath; keep it in as long as you can; exhale till you are empty of breath. Now, exhale some more,” said my yoga instructor. Really? How can you possibly exhale more after you are ‘empty’? Try, he encouraged. And sure enough, some breath still whooshed out with the effort.

Interesting! What I thought was my limit, turned out not to be the limit after all. I could still go beyond. That encouraged me to wonder what other limits are we capable of crossing – the good and the bad. What is the worse that we are capable of doing if pushed to the edge? Also, what is the best we can do — and under what conditions?

Challenging oneself beyond perceived physical limits is a regular routine for sportspeople, adventure-seekers, bungee-jumpers, mountain-climbers, cyclists, swimmers, and marathoners. It is also experienced in everyday life in doses when we set ourselves small challenges.

And of course we all know how at times of crisis, our limits stretch beyond imagination. You can run much faster and exhibit far greater strength and prowess in order to save your life or that of a loved one, than you can in normal circumstances.



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