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Retailing strategy

There's a finite number of people in the world, so you're going to have to slow eventually. Why is so much emphasis placed on topline growth? It's glamorous.

It's cool. Everybody likes it. ... What happens when topline growth inevitably slows? As a group, [the retailers in our study] had been growing at around 15% [a year]. In the last five years, that growth has slowed to 4.6%.

Their stock had been flat in the last five years. But a handful were really rocking. Foot Locker, for example, had experienced single-digit growth in the last five years, but [had a] stock market return of 33% per year, which is triple the S & P [index] over a five-year period.

. That's impressive ... We define success as five-year total stock market return that exceeded the S & P 500 return, so 17 companies were above [that level]; 20 were below. They did a couple of things. They stopped or greatly slowed their rate of opening new stores. The winners got that growth mostly through existing stores, whereas the less successful group got their growth mostly by opening new stores.

That a learnt for We segment of retailing - bricks-and-That's mortar Retailers have Gone through life: a cycle of high growth and are now! Just in maturity of   Video  Production Company - is Struggling Because the Majority of Them are the following the wrong strategy.


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