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Fix Hp Printer Is Offline using IP Address Manually

Fix Hp Printer Is Offline using IP Address Manually

Hp Printer Is Offline: Connect With Ip Address Manually


Hp printers are one of the best printers used widely by users. But, a common error that the HP printer is offline is witnessed by users globally. There are various methods to fix the error. Thus, here, we will discuss one of the popular methods that are to connect your hp printer through IP Address manually. 


Steps To Connect Printer with Ip Address Manually

The method will help you fix the issue of the hp printer is offline. But make sure your printer is connected to the requirement to connect the printer using an IP address manually. 


Step 1: Print the configuration Page:


  • If your printer shows you a menu with a control display, go to the network settings/setup and print the network configuration page.
  • In case, the menu is not visible:
  • Press the control panel button and print the network configuration. 


Step 2: Find the Network Status: 


  • Read the configuration page and find the network status for your network connection type (wired or wireless).
  • Status is connected, then follow the steps.
  • If the HP printer says offline: go to Connecting to a wireless hp printer >> follow on-screen steps to connect to your printer.


Step 3: Find these details: IP address, Subnet mask, Default gateway, IPv4 numbers.


Step 4: From HP Configuration Page, note the URL for Embedded Web Server (EWS).

Step 5: On your computer, go to the browser and type the URL into the address bar, and press enter.

Step 6: The printer’s EWS will open. If it doesn't open, try using a different browser. 

Step 7: Now, in the EWS window, select Network or Networking tab >> open the menu to select wired/wireless >> click IPv4 configuration

Step 8: Select Manual IP >> Suggest a manual IP Address >> fill in the details with those you noted earlier (if not filled automatically)

·         IP address 

·         Subnet mask 

·         Default gateway


Step 9: Note down the IP Address on the piece of paper if you need it later, you will have it.

Step 10: Select Apply and wait until the changes are confirmed. 

Step 11: Return to the Control Panel >> device & manager >> refresh or click F5 key. Now, click on your printer name and check the Printer Status.


If your printer is online, your issue of the hp printer says offline is resolved.

Final Thought:


With this post, we hope the issue ofprinter is offline is resolved. Although it's a common error it can restrict you from working. Hence you can follow these steps or if the error still appears, get in touch with our printer experts available 24x7.

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