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Types of ETL Testing

ETL Stands for Extra-Transform-Load, it is a process of data loaded from the source system to the data warehouse. Data is extracted from an OLTP database, transformed to match the data warehouse schema, and it is loaded in the data warehouse database. Data warehouses also include data from Non-OLTP systems like legacy systems, text files, and spreadsheets.    


Types of ELT Testing


Production Validation Testing


"Production reconciliation" "Table balancing" is the type of ETL testing that is performed on the data as it is being moved into production systems. The data should be in the exact order to support the business decision.  


Source to Target Testing


Type of testing is carried out to validate the data values transformed are the expected data values. 


Application Upgrades


 ETL Testing can be automatically created. the data extracted from a repository or older application are the same as the data in a repository or new application.   


Metadata Testing


Metadata testing includes testing of data length check, data type check, and index check. 


Data Accuracy Testing


This testing is done to ensure the information is correctly loaded and changed as required. 


Data Transformation Testing


Testing data is transformation is done in many cases, it cannot be achieved by writing the source, query, and comparing the output with the target. Multiple SQL queries may need to be run for each row it can support the conversion rules.


Incremental ETL testing  


The testing is done to check the data integrity of new and old data with the addition of the new data. Incremental testing proves that the additions and updates are getting treated as required during the incremental ETL process.


GUI/Navigation Testing


Testing is done to check the navigation or GUI aspects of the front-end articles. 


The data in a Data Warehouse system loaded with an ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) tool. An ETL tool is used to extract data from different data sources, transform the data, and load it into a DW system. Are you looking for ETL Testing Online Training? FITA Academy is one of the best leading training institutes for ETL Testing Training Online.


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