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Maslow & A Millennial

It is a common thought that if one has attended college and has a stable job after graduation, that person has their life together and are no longer questioning their direction. Parents breathe a sigh of relief that they may have been holding back for two decades or longer. The diploma is hung on the wall. Clothes that may have been kept since high school are replaced with button-ups, ties, and dress pants. Responsibility is supposedly learned as bedtimes are earlier during the week and later only on the weekends. According to Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs, having a job may provide the fundamental requirements of the physiological and safety needs, but there has been a question rubbing itself into a conflict in the back of my mind as of late.

Recently, a chain of events at my work has left me feeling incredibly disenchanted and discouraged. While at the hospital, my mind, heart, and soul is not only dedicated fully to caring for my patients, but also my co-workers, yet this sentiment is never reflected on a survey that seems to work against us. The results of that survey supposedly attests to the level of care provided but actually attempts to summarize our patients’ satisfaction throughout their entire stay, as if “hospital” should naturally mean “hospitality”. The focus has shifted from recovery and rehabilitation to reception and reimbursement.



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