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Step by step guide for whiteboard animation

If you're in search of the complete step-by-step guide to create amazing whiteboard animations in 2021 then you're at the right spot.
We'll go over all you need to know about so you can take your next step as a pro!
Let's begin by looking at how this kind of video compares to the more popular video with presenters that we all see?
Do you have any ideas?
The prestigious professor of psychology Dr. Richard Wiseman of the University of Hertfordshire in the past is also keen on finding out precisely this question.
But , unlike us, he didn't go with his gut instincts and instead conducted an extensive scientific study that compared the efficacy of presenter led videos that incorporate whiteboard animations.
The results shocked him!
The results showed that, on average, the use of whiteboard animation improved viewer's desire to spread the message by 66% compared to the more conventional 'talking head video.
Additionally however, as the study suggests the whiteboard video boosted retention of viewers by more than 15 percent when it was compared with traditional 'talking head' video.
Impressive right?
So, I've put together this thorough easy-to-follow guide to give you everything you need to know about how to create your custom whiteboard-based animations.
Also it will provide all the common mistakes you should avoid when making a whiteboard-based animation. It will not just aid you in creating videos your viewers will enjoy ....but it will also save you time and money.
Let's start!

What exactly is Whiteboard Animation and what are its purposes?

Whiteboard animation is a type of video with narration that guides the viewer through a narrative by showing the artist's hand physically drawing it on white backgrounds.
As recently as 2007 whiteboard animation has been an exciting and new method to communicate with the viewer in a way that is personal.
It makes use of effects like stop-motion and time-lapse to make stories come to life.
Its use ranges from online and television ads Software and product demonstrations, both external and internal whiteboard animation tutorials and educational videos for children of all ages and a myriad of artistic possibilities like fiction-based storytelling.

Traditional Whiteboard Videos

Whiteboard video is typically created by recording the artist as they draw the storyline for the video, and at the same time, narrating the story. A great technique for a visually-focused society but it is a challenging balance task for even the most skilled artists and speakers.

Digital Whiteboard Animations

Today, you can find a lot of whiteboard video producers combining post-production software and digital effects with the traditional whiteboard style. There is still the hand of the illustrator, but it is never out of the seamless, flowing storyline.
In the hands of experts, modern technology can enhance the traditional methods and turn whiteboard video into a complete new experience, bringing out exciting characters and a more compelling story.

How to Source the RIGHT External Whiteboard Animation Agency?

First, look over their portfolio and website to look up the examples of work they've done in the past. they will be able to give the most accurate idea of whether they're capable of making the whiteboard animation you have in your mind.
If you find that they have many videos on their resume or have worked with major companies and brands It's a great indication.

Take the Full Collaborative Approach

Good agencies are not just willing to give you an original idea as well as offer additional ideas and suggestions. The ones who only provide estimates based on the most basic aspects such as the length that the video will run, shy away from taking a full collaboration approach.

Talk to the Creatives

Don't be afraid to trust the creative minds! It is crucial to talk with the development team, however, it is crucial to talk with the creators (for instance an executive director of creative). This will let you know which agency is best fit for your needs.
Salespeople make calls throughout the day detailing the benefits and features of their products and services however, as we've said before it's the creatives who can turn these information into engaging powerful, memorable stories. No one would want to see a video that is just benefits and features.

Learn About the Team

Does the team possess an array of skills? project manager, director of creativity or art director, marketing expert or. ?
Are they excited about the project they are working on and are they quick to respond to your questions? Are you happy with the way they will approach your project?
Do you think they comprehend your the business requirements? Do they take a transactional approach to your project or a more collaborative/consultative approach to deliver real business results? Do they have a physical location and will they talk to you?

Get Help Promoting the Video

A reputable agency will not just make the whiteboard videos you're looking for and promote it, but also to help you market the video and evaluate the effectiveness and impact once it is released to the out into the world. Find out what services they offer. 

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