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High impact judges for Event Technology Awards 2017

The names reflect ETA organisers’ commitment to sourcing experts in step with technology’s reach and impact across the event model in order to reflect the spread of awards’ categories and clout.
Adam Parry, co-founder of the Event Technology Awards, comments: “Having an experienced and knowledgeable judging panel is crucial to the success of any awards. It is imperative nominees know that key decision makers qualified to make a judgement will review their hard work. I’m delighted with the calibre and quality of the panel we have put together.”
The first 10 ETA 2017 judges are listed below, with a similar number to be announced next week.
Alison Church, Event Director at Easyfairs
Ben Willcox, Event Technology Manager for British Gymnastics
Colin Rodger, Head of Event Management at DF Concerts
Dave Cook, Chief Technology Officer at Clarion
James Morgan, Founder of Event Tech Lab
Jim Curry, Founder of Exhibitor Smarts
Michelle Bruno, Technology journalist at Event Tech Brief
Nick Borelli, Founder at Borelli Strategies
Nikoleta Notova, Corporate Event Manager at NVIDIA
Tim Manning, Co-Founder at Swarm

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