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Career Counselling

Career Counselling

The recently released government report, "Ontario in Creative Age", published February 5, 2009 states that we are shifting away from an economy that relies on hard work and assembly lines to one that values creativity and analytical skills. There is a great demand for people who can make decisions, understand others and work well in a team setting. Currently, 80% of the population works in the service sector. How will you fit into this ever-changing market?


Career counseling is available in both one-on-one and group settings. It covers everything from career planning, goal setting, and self-assessment. A meeting with a counselor or joining a group to discuss your career goals and to help you get there. Career counseling will also examine the individual's interests, skills, and abilities in addition to identifying goals and objectives. For best Career Counseling in Ghaziabad you can consider "The Career Galaxy".


Once the foundations are established, the career coaching coach will create a resume that better reflects the next step of the career path. Next, career counseling will assess the potential employee's strengths and weaknesses. Together, they will create keywords that describe the person. Good career counseling will help candidates to clearly and concisely describe their strengths and weaknesses in what is commonly known as The 60 Second Sell. It is well-known that networking is vital for our businesses and careers. However, there are often few opportunities. 60 Second Sell, also known as the Elevator Pitch, is a way to quickly sell your best features and what you have to give in 60 seconds. This tool can be used to your advantage in career counseling.


Career counseling is all about preparation. You will be taught the steps necessary to reach this goal. The process will include identifying your market, learning about the next steps and what each position entails, building self-confidence, and learning how to promote oneself. You will be more likely to be selected as the Key Candidate if you are prepared for interviews. If you want more information about the career counseling in Ghaziabad then you must visit here for more information about that.


The 'transferable skill' is another key area of career counseling. You will need to have the skills you've acquired throughout your career to succeed after you move on. Your career success is not just about your resume and title. It will also require you to think outside of the box and be able to show conviction that you deserve it. Career counseling can be used to promote your skills and sell yourself during job interviews.

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