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How to make your online business success with Groupon Clone App?

People are always looking for a site or place where they can have a variety of choices for any item they want. Next to the different types, they need occasional offers or coupons from any site they use. E-commerce sites cater to both these agendas for the people. They offer good quality, affordable and wide range of products that will be delivered to the users' doorstep in a few days. Groupon is one such application that offers many products and exclusive deals every day.

Groupon application is one of the most successful and well-established brands in the eCommerce industry. Inspired by its success, many entrepreneurs introduced their Daily Deals apps & websites into the market. A few such brands are successful in the industry. Similarly, you can start your endeavor in this money-making market with the help of our talented developers in Cashcraft. We offer the best Groupon-like app solutions under your budget.

This tremendous growth has prompted many business professionals to enter the field of e-commerce. If you are one of the interested business people, this blog will help you to achieve your goal in the field of e-commerce. All you have to do is launch an application with advanced features to cope with the growing trends and meet the expectations of the users. I recommend the Groupon clone script as it is fitted with intuitive features. Follow to learn more about the features of the app.

What are the key attributes we integrate into the application?

We make sure that your e-commerce application is packed with all the necessary features and is easy to use. Here are some of the standard features we add to the application:

Social media login:

In addition to registering phone numbers and emails, the site also provides quick login with social media accounts. Users can register on the e-commerce app using their Facebook, Twitter, or any other account.

Search filters:

Users will use the set of filters they are looking for, in which they can find the item they want. There is also a search box that helps users search for the item they want.

Add to cart:

The app will also have a cart option in which users can move the products they want to buy later.

Reviews and Ratings:

Users will have a separate section in the app where they can rate the products they purchase and provide any review if needed.

Photos and videos:

Vendors can upload high-quality photos and videos of the product for customer reference. Users can view photos before purchasing the product.

Coupons and Offers:

Both admin and vendors may offer coupons and discounts to users from time to time. This will help retain customers effectively.

Powerful admin dashboard:

Administrators will have a dashboard filled with all the tools and features needed to easily manage an e-commerce site.

Manage orders:
Administrators and vendors can manage user requests through their respective panels. Vendors may accept or reject user requests based on stock availability.
In addition to these basic features, there are other premium features or add-ons that can be added to the application by our experts. You can list your business needs to our team and they will add any feature that meets your needs.

Customize your app like Groupon today!

With expert help from our business professionals and developers, you can create and launch your e-commerce application in the marketplace. We offer Groupon clone script at affordable prices around the globe. We are launching the app on many major platforms. Talk to our team right now to set up your successful e-commerce brand in the market.


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