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What is Jira? Tools of Jira.

JIRA provides the essential and difficult ideas of the JIRA tools. Our JIRA is one of the most popularly used open-source testing tools, used in manual testing.  


The JIRA tutorial covers all matters of a testing tool like installation, issues, workflows, Features, Components, Reports, etc...


Jira is a testing tool, which is developed by the Australian company Atlassian. It is a bug tracking tool reports all the problems associated with the software or mobile apps. JIRA is based on the agile methodology and the current version of the JIRA is 6.   


JIRA is a project management tool utilized for issues and bug tracking systems. It is generally used as an issue-tracking tool for all types of testing. Are you looking for Jira Training Online? FITA is the best institution for the Jira Course Online by industry experts. 


Projects: It is applied to control the bugs very efficiently. 


Issue: It is used to follow and control issues and errors.


Workflow: Processes the Defects and Issues life cycle. We have a business requirement, we can create the technical design and from the technical design. After designing the test cases, coding is done, and then the testing is performed on the projects. This design is workflow likely by using Jira. 


Dashboard: A dashboard is a display that you can see when you log in to Jira. You can perform multiple dashboards for various projects. You can produce a special dashboard and can add the devices in a dashboard so that you can keep a record of the tasks and problems that you are working on.    


JIRA tool is used because of the following reasons:


  • Plan, Track and Work Faster
  • The main source of information
  • Organize the documentation tasks
  • Track the progress of our documentation
  • Helps to meet the deadlines of a documentation release.
  • Measures the time spent on documentation
  • Provides feedback faster


JIRA is a project administration device used for problems and defect tracking systems. It is commonly accepted as an issue-tracking tool for all types of testing. Are you looking for Jira Course Online? FITA is the best institution for Jira Training Online by industry experts. | Jira course |


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