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Coders on Couches Drinking Coffee – littleBits

building blocks — like lights, speakers, sensors, and buttons 

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set to replace Mark Sowerby as Queensland’s chief entrepreneur

“I’m passionate about entrepreneurship and people taking their future into their own hands,” Baxter says.

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Retailers Continue to Struggle with Cybersecurity

However, this doesn’t appear to be the case, as 88 percent 

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What is Delaware Statutory Representation?

IncNow provides Delaware statutory representation services –

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Exploring the Solar System with the Voyager Spacecraft’s Cameras, Polarimeters, and Magnetometers

 past several weeks, we've looked at different aspects of the 

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PowerPoint Presentation Tips for Building More Creative

I need to demonstrate design skills, technical literacy, and a sense of personal style.

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Tweaking the Critical KPIs of Marketing Agency Performance

Are not an the Leads unmitigated good  track in order to measure 'Their performance.

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Netizens, it’s time to make friends with our neighbours too

It is ironic that so many Indians are shouting themselves hoarse on social media platforms about the new president of a country 12,000 km away – and urging their friends – to do the same, yet the chances are they do not even know their own neighbours. Come to think of it, I barely know any of ours either though we have been living in the area for nearly 20 years.

And it was brought home to me last weekend at the annual Vasantotsav organized by our residents welfare organization. A pretty lady in a green saree walked up to me just as I was taking a closer look at a paper sign on a stall selling “Mystery Muffins” and chocolate-covered strawberries at Rs 20 each. It said ‘Free Friends Available Here’.

And therein lies a story, recounted by the lady in green, Madhumita. She has grown up in our neighbourhood, but like many quiet single-storied residential colonies, the area had changed. Older people passed on or moved out, old houses have made way for builder flats and (in my opinion) prosperity has meant jealously guarded “privacy”.

The result is that no one knows their neighbours any more, and no one has any friends nearby any more. Neighbourhoods are not organic, intertwined entities but mere collections of dwelling units with inhabitants. Why that should matter in these days of 24/7 social media and smartphone connectivity is not always apparent. But it does.

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Business Information Systems


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Why Salesforce Employees Keep Coming Back Year After Year

How many people do you know who have worked at the same company for ten years or more?

In today’s fast-paced, constantly changing corporate climate, chances are you may not know too many. That’s why, as Salesforce Co-Founder and CTO, I feel so privileged to have spent well over a decade at Salesforce … and to work alongside more than 1,200 talented individuals who have done the same.

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