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Is it possible to transfer money from Venmo to PayPal?

You can transfer money from Venmo to PayPal by following a few additional steps when it comes to moving your funds from one account to another, there isn't an easy route from Venmo or PayPal.

It's also not difficult to do. To get started, you will only need one bank account that is linked to each service and a PayPal Cash (or PayPal Cash Plus) account.

This is how it works with the Venmo app on iPhone and Android and the PayPal website and mobile app.


Transfer money from Venmo into PayPal


  1. Use the Venmo mobile application to transfer your Venmo balance into your bank. This can be done on both Android and iOS. If you would like it to be done free of charge, the process can take up to three days. However, if your time is short, you can pay a 1% fee to have immediate access to your funds.
  2. You can log in to PayPal from a computer or a mobile app.
  3. PayPal requires you to set up a PayPal Cash Plus or PayPal Cash Plus account in order to transfer funds into your PayPal account. Although it sounds daunting, don't be afraid to try. You can transfer funds to your account if you have a verified account.
  4. Click "Add Money" or click "Transfer money" to transfer money from your PayPal account.
  5. You can transfer the same amount to your PayPal account as you did from Venmo.

Before you can add the bank account to your PayPal, you will need to first have it set up.



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  • Аватар

    [jame], 18 июля 2022, 06:18

    The answer is yes, it is possible to transfer money from Venmo to PayPal. However, there are some pokedle limitations that you should be aware of when attempting to do so: There must be an established PayPal account fnaf that has been verified and linked to your Venmo account before you can transfer money.