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Do you Lose your Score by Bad Hand Writing in the IELTS Writing Exam?

Who is still writing in hand? The one who takes the IELTS exam in Paper. The IELTS exam is also available on the computer for the test takers. The majority of students who take the IELTS exam prefer pencil and paper tests. Learn IELTS Online from SkillsIon to know the concepts.

The New Rules in Hand Writing for IELTS

The administration has revised some of the rules for handwriting. Previously, it was acceptable to write in the Captial letter( IELTS Writing session, IELTS Reading Session). But now in the IELTS writing section, only small letters are acceptable.

Always keep in mind that the IELTS allows all capital letters in Reading and Listening to ensure that your handwriting is as legible as possible. If you prefer computer-based tests, they should use only small letters, for brief answers, and essay writing.

Does the handwriting in the IELTS Writing Session matter?

Yes! of course, it matters. There will be the basic question all over, does writing helps to get a good score? Writing helps to get a good score in the exam. If the handwriting is not good, the examiners won't understand what you have written on the paper. There will be no choice but for them, they would penalize the score. This is a highly inconvenient method to lose test points. How it would feel if the essay is good and yet receive a bad grade because of handwriting?

All you need to do is make sure your handwriting is legible. Most probably, the only thing is to practice writing. Practice alone is not enough, you need guidance from experts to write the exam. So, for good guidance, you can take the class from IELTS Online Coaching.

Don't use Cursive

Try to avoid cursive writing. This writing won't help to save time. Cursive writing is a mess to use in the exam. Learn how to write more effectively. That saves time for everyone. It might also help you score higher on the IELTS Writing part. 

Get Guidance from others

 If you want your handwriting to be understandable, the basic thing you should do is to write simply. If you work through the goal, make sure to practice for writing. IELTS Online Course is a great place to start.



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