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Top 7 Essay Topics You can Choose From To Attract Maximum Readers

Top 7 Essay Topics You can Choose From To Attract Maximum Readers

Essays are an intrinsic and compulsory part of our academic lives. We all have been writing essays since childhood, and various essay topics might have fascinated us. However, it is not always that we get to write on our favourite topics. Sometimes we are bound to express our opinions on current or more sensitive issues around the world. Also, one of the purposes of writing essays is to reach maximum people and interest them with your writings. So, below given are a few of the topics that you might pick for essays to interest your readers.

1. Social Inequalities

Social discrimination has always been there and is widely prevalent all around the world. Despite all the enlightenment and awakening programs around, many people are conditioned to discriminate and cannot leave their behaviour. So, can write an exploratory essay on such topics to shake this deep-rooted mentality.

2. Feminism and related issues

The term ‘feminism’ is widely misunderstood and despised by many men and women of society. So, students can research and write an analytical essay upon the real meaning and the necessity of feminism in this world.

3. War and terrorism

Fighting over boundaries and religion is always common though an alarming issue worldwide. However, you might require a good knowledge of history to write on the topic. So, students can ask professional writers to ‘write my essay’ on war and communalism.

4. Child Marriage

Despite the strict law against child marriage, various small children are subjected to this cruelty in many parts of the world. Therefore, you can suggest some preventive measures and highlight its serious repercussions to stop that.

5. Human Trafficking

Human trafficking is still a full-fledged business for several people, especially in Arab countries. Students can write essays on that for general people to report such inhumanity if noticed.

6. Children and gadgets

You can choose the ‘the evolution of technology is both a boon and a bane for your essay topic and explain how. Students can highlight some points like student’s addiction to mobile phones and computers, online fraud etc. We are also providing accounting assignment help services.

7. Reservation System

This is one of the most controversial topics in today’s era. However, there was a need for reservation when it was implemented all over the world. But it is weakening the education sector now and is not required anymore. You can write and express your opinion about this as well.


So, these are some of the sensitive yet controversial topics you can talk about. It will help you gain maximum readers and their engagement on your topics. 

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