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A New First Mate Last Break Connector from TE Connectivity

Recently I was reading Adafruit’s information on proper support circuitry for Neopixels, and I noticed some information about how to connect and disconnect the Neopixels to a live circuit: ground first, then power, then data (connect); data, then power, then ground (disconnect). I know how easy it is to forget about connection sequence, and I can’t help but wonder if there are actually very few people who observe (or are even aware of) this recommendation.So anyways, this Neopixel thing was fresh in my mind when I came across the  (first mate last break) connector series from TE Connectivity, and consequently it caught my eye. The idea here is that the connector establishes a ground connection before all the other signals come into electrical contact, and the ground connection remains after the other terminals have separated. Hence the name “first mate last break”. Credit to the product-titling folks at TE, because this name (which refers to the ground connection) is not only catchy but also informative.

For more details Overview Video

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