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DevOps Classes

DevOps Classes in Mumbai is a dream come true for DevOps engineers and ambitious upstart developers. It is chock full of great tutorials for getting the most out of your favorite tools: Docker, Jenkins, Google Cloud and more. Experience level for these tutorials ranges from beginner to highly advanced.

DevOps Course in Mumbai has a great resource section and a fairly active forum if you can’t find the information you’re looking for on the site. The only thing better than great DevOps resources is a great DevOps community.

DevOps is like the front page of the DevOps community. You’ll find all types of commentary on the DevOps ecosystem, including news, product reviews, humorous opinion pieces, and insights from the pros. They also publish a weekly podcast called DevOps Chat hosted by legendary IT .

If you want to go deep into the weeds, has the resources for you to do it. They host several webinars a month that covers specific DevOps tactics and strategies like “Automating Deployment for Enterprise Level Businesses” and “Setting up a Private Cloud”. They also have a huge repository of ebooks and PDFs for you to download.

Docker is a popular Container as a Service (CAAS) tool that regularly updates their blog with valuable goodies for DevOps pros. Almost all the information on the blog is product-specific, so it’s especially valuable for anyone who uses Docker.

Think of this blog as continuing education for Docker users, with company updates and general DevOps Training in Mumbai advice sprinkled in here and there.

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