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how to connect hp printer to wifi

Printers are the most essnetial device for the offices and education work. This gadget makes work a lot more easier and saves the time too. By giving one command we can print thousands of paper in few minutes. Globally, thare many companies which offer Printers and other technical devices. But poeple have trust on hp. The hp company is one of the best device manufacturer firm and offer latest in built technology gadgets. Now it is Wifi era. So hp also upgrade its devices. As we got many queries for How to Connect hp Printer to Wifi Network. For any kind of technical issue or connection always take an expert help, because doing it own can create other issue. A tech expert will share accurate way to fix the issue. For any kind of technical glitches tech Support experts are the best and relible company. As we got many reports and queries for how to connect hp printer to wifi Network, so connect with us.



Method To Connect hp Printer to Wifi Network

There are various methods to connect hp Printer to Wifi Network. Before making connection it is very important that your system is wifi compatiable and proper wifi connection is working and your sysem is situated near toh the wireless connection. In case your wireless connection broke in mid of the process, so it won’t connect with your hp printer.

Step: 1 Make sure that your PC and network are agreeable.

In order to use hh wireless connection, your computer and network configuration must meet the following requirements:

  • Your computer must be running updated Windows

  • Your PC is connected to an 802.11 b/g/n wireless router over a 2.4 GHz connection.

  • Your computer’s operating system must be in control of the wireless network.

  • Your PC must use a wireless connection

  • Your computer must use a dynamic IP address

Step: 2 Search hp printer’s software

To get the latest version of hp printer software visit to the official website and check for your product model. To do it

  • Firstly click on the borwser

  • Now in the search bar type hp official website

  • Afterward,  write your printet model name and number

  • When the software appear download it

  • Double-click the software file. It will open a printer setup process.

Step: 3 Setting up hp Printer Software

  • Turn on the hp printer

  • Now in your computer click on the start menu and go to Control Panel

  • In the control panel click on Networks

  • Afterward, choose Network (Ethernet/Wireless).

  • Click on Yes and send  wireless settings to the printer. Doing so will navigate the printer and send your wireless network’s information over to the printer.

  • Now, Wait for your hp printer to connect, it may took few minutes fror the connection.

  • Finish the setup procedure, now you will be able to start using your wireless printer.

  • To check it give a print command from your Computer.

Method to Connect hp Printer Manually

In case, if you won’t able to connect your printer to the wireless network, then not an issue. you can take help of Cable to make connection. Here are the steps to setup manually.

  • Turn on your hd printer

  • Now, activate the touch screen if necessary.

  • Select the Setup

  • Select Network, it will open the wireless settings

  • Select Wireless Network Wizard, by clicking on it your printer start searching the wireless network

  • When the wireless network appears, Select your network name

  • If your wifi connection is protected then Enter your network’s password

  • Select OK when prompted.

  • Now check it by giving print command.

The following above methods will definitely make your printer work with wireless connection.

Tech Support Experts – One Stop Solution for Technical Issues

We are a customer acclaimed company and offer on-call assistance for any kind of technical glitches. As billions of users exist in the world and their work totally dependant on gadgets and devices. In case any error occur, it hamper the work and waste precious time. So to help them tech support experts proivde on call assistance to make it work. Now you no need to visit to the service centers. At your place we provide our services.

To get in touch with our executive. For more information regarding how do i connect my hp printer to my wireless network with us.

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