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What are some of the advanced features of the Groupon clone app?

What are some of the advanced features of the Groupon clone app?

Groupon is a daily deals website that requires no introduction. If you are an entrepreneur and want to own a similar website with some modifications, our Groupon Clone would be useful. We have a custom clone with custom graphic designs and additional features to suit your needs. We don’t just stop at giving you clones; We continue to provide maintenance and support. Our experts will recommend the best revenue model so that you can make the best profit.

Also known as the Groupon Clone Daily Deals Software or Group Purchase, it is designed to be further customized to suit your business needs. It allows business executives or owners to register on the website and post deals. Deals can be published by entering all the details with the image. Owners can manage them by updating, editing, or deleting them. The framework we use to create a Groupon clone is user-friendly.

Key features of Groupon Clone

  • Social media registration
  • Easy to manage deals: Owners can edit, renew or delete it
  • Good communication system - Online users can communicate with administrators and other users.
  • Easy payment options are integrated
  • Accurate and systematic reporting data - can retrieve data in the form of bars or maps, texts
  • Easy to understand scripts
  • Location-based searches
  • Deals rating
  • Advanced search and filter options
  • Easy to edit, add & any deals
  • Can edit as remove any users with ease
  • Data maps can be in text format and easy to export as Excel & PDF files
  • Easy payment procedures
  • The script has elegant and clean code & therefore very easy to understand
  • Online users can communicate with you as well as with other online users


What does our Groupon clone script offer?

Our Groupon clone script allows customers to search for available deals based on their location. They can search for deals in their city or search using different categories and subdivisions. After viewing the details of a deal, a customer can add deals to their cart. At cashcraft, we offer a Readymade Groupon Clone app that allows customers to purchase deals by paying through an integrated payment gateway. Customers can view the details of the business owner who uploaded the contracts and other contracts such as theirs.

Our daily deals software allows business owners to register deals on the website. They can post deals by entering various details by publishing pictures of the deal. Business owners can manage their deals by editing or deleting them on the website.

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