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A Guide To Launch PrestaShop Mobile Application

The eCommerce mobile apps are the undeniable need of any online business these days. Modern customers love to shop from the mobile apps on Android and iOS platforms. Gone are the days when online store owners have to depend on the website to generate leads and sales. This era is of mobile and every business owner should think of switching from an online website to native Android and iOS Mobile App. In this article, we will explore the quickest and easiest manner to launch PrestaShop Mobile App.

It is a no code tool to develop and launch the eCommerce mobile app and manage them. The admin panel of the extension is friendly and ensures that the entire app can be managed and designed with a few mouse clicks.

The native mobile apps for Android and iOS do not require many effort for launch or management. The entire store inventory remains in complete synchronization with both mobile apps and the data gets automatically updated on the live apps. No manual effort or management is required in the same.  

Quick Steps To Launch PrestaShop Mobile Apps:

#1. Purchase extension and install on the website.

#2. Share details for app development and publish.

#3. Review final apps and confirm to make them live on the Google Play & Apple App store.

Key Features Of PrestaShop Mobile App Maker:

1. Customizable Home Screen
The PrestaShop Mobile App Maker comes with customizable home screen that allows any layout design for the home screen of the mobile apps. Various banners, products, categories, colors, fonts, etc. can be used in crafting the desired home screen on PrestaShop Mobile App.

2. Unlimited Push Notifications
The PrestaShop Mobile App Creator offers personalized push notifications that allow the store admin to market/promote any products or deals among mobile app shoppers.

3. Real-time Synchronization
The Android and iOS mobile apps remain in 100% synchronization with the eCommerce store inventory. All changes/updates in the website inventory get automatically updated on the live mobile apps.

4. Quick Login & Checkout
The PrestaShop Mobile App Creator offers quick social login options in the mobile apps with Google, Facebook, Phone No(OTP), and Fingerprint. With simplified checkout, the store admin can ensure easy order submission.

5. Live Chat Support
The mobile apps for PrestaShop allow users to connect with the store admin anytime directly from the mobile app. The extension offers Zopim (Zendesk) and WhatsApp chat by default in mobile apps.

6. White Label Solution
The PrestaShop Mobile App Creator offers a complete white labeled solution that ensures that the apps can be published under website brand and value.

7. Multilingual & RTL Support
The PrestaShop Mobile App supports all sorts of languages and currencies on the mobile app. The users can choose the preferred language and browse the mobile app accordingly.


Hence, develop and launch your mobile apps with PrestaShop Mobile App Maker and increase your online business reach and value. Promote your store deals and products with the mobile audience and bring more sales and conversions.

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