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Top five reasons why tableau is leading the business intelligence industry

Data is developing more quickly than ever. We now produce even more knowledge with the proliferation of the internet. However, less than 0.5% of it is now analyzed and also used. It's a repetitive and complicated job to evaluate this huge amount of data. Companies, therefore, exploit BI devices to discover key market metrics.

Although different business intelligence and data visualization applications are currently available, Tableau has been the leader for six years in the field of data visualization. Five reasons why you should consider investing in Tableau are addressed in our blog article:

Quick and Interactive Visualizations

Tableau specializes in gorgeous visualizations, providing instantaneous perspectives with easy drag-and-drop features, enabling you to visualize key data quickly and sharing important insights.

Tableau is much more innovative than you think it is! Here are a few beautiful examples of data visualization from around the website. 

Easy to Usage

Tableau lets you create rich visualization tools in just a few moments, in comparison to other Analytics solutions! It helps you to execute complicated tasks with simple drag-and-drop features. Thus replying to your queries in no time!

Handles Copious Amounts of Data

Do you need all 100 columns for the past ten years or all the data? Tableau is able to manage thousands of data rows without affecting the dashboards' efficiency!

What's more, native SPSS, Excel, etc. are supported and can also relate to living data sources to provide businesses with real-time results on key business metrics.

Power BI VS Tableau, puzzled? Reading our article to make good decisions!

Mobile-Friendly Dashboard

You can display and run Tableau dashboards on multiple devices, including your laptop, smartphone, or even a phone! To make your dashboards mobile-friendly, you are not expected to perform any additional steps. Tableau recognizes the computer on which you display the report automatically and makes changes appropriately.

Integrates Languages with Scripting

Integrates with Scripting Languages

Although Tableau itself allows users to perform basic calculations, you may want to go ahead and do some complicated tasks! The Biotech tool helps you to integrate with R or Python, supporting you with visual analytics to amplify results. 

Essential Takeaway

Seeking important data insights helps businesses stay competitive. It is safe to assume that companies will increasingly see their importance and Tableau Training in Bangalore providing the understanding of the beautiful visualizations of complex data. 

Need support with customized dashboards and real-time information?

We have a group of committed data analysts at Grazitti Interactive that provides organizations with interactive reports and dashboards, enabling them to become more valuable and strategic decisions in turn.

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