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Why Magento concentrating on PWAs?

Why Magento concentrating on PWAs?

As mention in the graph 63.5% of eCommerce sales in 2018 took place by smart devices such as mobile, tablets and etc. It is expected to reach 67.2% until the end of 2019. Since m-commerce is driving more sales, Magento is a wise move to bring advance trends like PWA to its platforms.

Now, How Can Magento PWA Improve Your Business?

Remarkable Speed:

As we all know the essential factor for each online store is website speed. If your website takes more than 3 or 4 seconds to load then there are chances to loss 53% traffics. In other words, 53% of customers will leave your website if it takes more time to load. PWAs will be playing a vital role here as they growing flamingly fast.

The reason behind its popularity is browser- level caching which is only possible because of service workers. PWA uses server workers to precache part of the web application to load in a few seconds when the user tries to open it the second time.

Cross-platform Compatibility:

PWA is compatible with all the available browsers and platforms including browsers like Chrome, Edge, Safari, and Firefox. The single code base is sufficient to run smoothly on several platforms such as desktops and any devices. Hence, Entrepreneurs don’t have to build an app for various platforms. Additionally, PWA doesn’t require any updates from the app store. It can be delivered in real-time as like website. 

Responsive Design:

Once you have implemented PWA then it will provide a consistent experience across all devices such as desktop, mobile phones and etc. it will also boost your customer experience and can increase the Google ranking. Because Google’s various algorithms said that responsive web design can rank better in Google search results. Hence, developing PWA can enhance the success level of your business. For improvising your Magento store or implementation of PWA, you can Hire Magento Developer from any top-notch web development company.

Moreover, these are the few ways through which you can improve your business. To know more ways you can refer https://youtu.be/1QILz1lAzWY which will give you more insight for the same.