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Get Private Limited Company Incorporation in Jaipur

And the complete process of online Private Limited Company Incorporation in Jaipur is regulated by the government body called MCA (Ministry of Corporate Affairs). And as per the best Chartered Accountant firm like Alonika suggests that there are certain documentation formalities to be fulfilled with utmost precision. 


 We at our firm believes to keep our clients in the loop at every step of documentation for better understanding from both the sides. 

Registration of a Company in Jaipur 


Our professional team of CA at Alonika in Jaipur is helping clients every day for a hassle-free registration in Jaipur. Our legal experts will help you in the process of Company Incorporation in Jaipur in a small time frame of 7-12 days only subject to complete the proper documentation required for the online company registration.

How to Register for Private Limited Company Incorporation in Jaipur

To take your company to next level of legal under-taking Private Registration is very important to have. We have tried to compile all the necessary information to tell you how to apply for Private Limited Company Registration. 

Name/Logo Approval 

  • The very initial step of incorporating the company is to think about the name of the company. And the same will be applied to the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) for approval. The names you choose should be unique and well-relatable to your business as well. 

DSC & DPIN Application 

  • So, here is the next step for Private Company Registration in Jaipur is to apply for the digital signature and DPIN. Digital Signature is an online signature used for signing the e-form and DPIN refers to the Director's identification number issued by the Registrar. 

About MOA & AOA submission 


  • After the name is approved, the Memorandum of association and so the articles of Association require to get prepared. And as it includes all the Rules & by-laws of the company that sees into the operation of the business. Also, both MOA & AOA are filled with the subscription for authentication and approval too. 


Compile Your Form & Documents 


  • Fill the application forms nicely, attach the documents, get the same verified by the professional then file the form to ROC and make the payment. 

Get the Incorporation Certificate 

  • So, once all the documentation is completed the form is filed next. Following this the department, and the registrar issues the incorporation certificate. The certificate of incorporation mentions significant information about the company such as the CIN number, the name of the company, the date of incorporation, and many more. 

Apply for the Bank Account 

  • So, after the Private Limited Company Incorporation Certificate, one can submit a copy of the same, MOA, AOA, and PAN along with the account opening form of the bank to open your bank account. 



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