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Ram/CPU resources



Wondered if Firefox was using to much ram/cpu, I checked task manager & saw a 'trillion' items. Don't even know what most of it is ; startups, also. What to keep intact, what to get rid of ?

Thank You!!!

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COMPAQ DeskPro DP2000 Pentium MMX 166 MHz

I am hoping to restore the captioned computer (photo attached), presently without Memory Cards. My research shows the requirement for EDO RAM SIMM 72-PINS 16MB x 2, the memory slots inside are 4; would 4 x 8MB be sufficient, or given RAM Memory being 256MB what's your suggestion?
Which are the suitable graphic cards: NVIDIA TNT2 PCI or other, suitable sound cards: SoundBlaster 16 PCI or otherAttached File  fullsizeoutput_f7.jpeg   234.42KB   0 downloads? Am I seeing right, the motherboard markings COMPAQ and square black processors marked AMD? Any considerations here? 
Please help...
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Computer display error help

I have a dell that i had hooked up to my Samsung un55c8000 via hdmi cable. Have had this setup for over a year with no issues, no all of a sudden today it wont connect to the display. Other hdmis work with the tv, but wont work with the computer. Also tried other monitors with the computer and those dont work. Any suggestions?


Thank You!!!

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What is DCNTranProc? Help please!

I was just checking the "System Configuration" thing,and I opened the "Services" tab. 
There was an unknown service named "DCNTranProc". 
Details (lots of details):
It's been 1 week since I bought this PC.
I downloaded 2 cracked games,they were both from safe websites which I had no problems before. (IGG Games and another Turkish website) 
And I tried to find Movie Maker for Windows 10 on the official website. I couldn't,so I tried to download it from a professional Turkish website,that website linked me to this. So I downloaded it.
Properties of my PC:
Asus Vivobook 
Nvidia Geforce 940 MX
Intel i5 Core 7th Gen
Please help...

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Contacts software

Hi everybody,
I'm looking for a software that can allow me to register number of custumers and send them marketing sms, the option I'm not able to find is to separete the new custumers from the rest of the contacts so I can send sms only to the new added clients and not to all contacts everytime, risking to spam and disappoint them, hoping in your help,
Thank You!!!
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B2B Lead generation advice

I'm looking for some advice on lead generation for a client of ours.
Essentially they are curious to find out if there are lead generation companies who are prepared to partner with B2B sales organisations for a percentage of the revenue generated from a sale.
If there are then could you forward contact details and we can initially start some dialogue to see if the project is worthwhile for both parties.
Please help...
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How much traction is enough to pursue an idea?

Hello everyone,
I haven't visited the forum for a while, but I'm back now!
In an effort to decide what type of e-commerce site to pursue, I created a landing page with a simple email opt-in for a product I'd like to sell. I also created a Facebook ad which looks to the landing page. Simple. However, I'm not sure if my results are determinant.
Here are some statistics:
So far I am on day 3 out 7.
Ad Reach: 3,346
Clicks: 61
Unique Views on Landing Page: 87 (I'm not sure if there is a discrepancy, I assumed this number should match the number of clicks)
Emails: 21
Initially, I think these results are good. They yield a decent CTR and a good "conversion"...

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Need help for video product sales page...

I am in the process of creating a 7-10 + hour video and audio product within the self-help niche. I am looking into the best ways to market this program. It will be a 30 day /4-5 week program.
What are you suggestions in terms of what will do best?
Do you imagine it would be best to offer the first module of the course for free and get their email and then sell through emails? 
Or should I create a video that tells them about the program and they have the option of buying right then and there or not?
Is it generally best to go for emails before trying to sell?
I am in the studio for the next couple of days and will be filming videos for the salespage on the last day, so any help on the...

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How do I make the camera face my intended region of interest between two keyframes?

If the keyframes are separated by a large spatial distance, often the camera will not be pointing directly toward your intended point of interest. To fix this, move halfway between the keyframes and update the camera position. Example for, screenshot Animated Overview Profile the Video the if you want to change the direction of the camera angle for Between a keyframe 1 and keyframe 2, type 1.5 in the Keyframe List in the Edit group on the Animation tab, and then press Enter. You can also drag the scrubber in the Animation Timeline pane to an intermediate position between keyframes. Next, update the camera position by either recentering the camera (press Ctrl and left-click in the view) or controlling the rotation using keyboard...

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What is your experience with business development agencies?

Hi to everyone! 

We've been approached by several people from business development agencies claiming they can do our sales and bring in qualified leads. I've heard anecdotes about people trying and burning 10k in the process while some succeeding. 

We are new to this type of service and are wondering if it's legit, what are some things to be careful aboutr and mostly - if you have any personal experience?



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http://w ww.ukbusinessforums.co.uk/threads/what-is-your-experience-with-business-development-

Animated Marketing Video



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