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The Envato Tuts+ Forum Has Moved!

Hi Everyone,

As we gradually bring Tuts+ closer within Envato as a whole, we've made the decision to move our community to become part of this central Envato Forum. This is the new place to go with any questions about tutorials, courses, or for chatting with the rest of the Envato community!

It'll be great to have our community in one central place, along with the rest of Envato :smile: Feel free to create new topics in this category, and we'll continue to help you along with the team of instructors and editors.

We hope you enjoy the new forum, and thanks for being part of Envato Tuts+!




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Build a Social App With React Native

I only just purchased this tutorial today and I'm disappointed. It seems that it might already be outdated. :frowning: I could be wrong, but it appears that this may be the case.

I am attempting to create an app that has a social element to it, so thought that this would be a great help to me since I am new to react native, then I realised that some things are greyed out in my editor.

Just wondering if anyone else had similar issues, or if there's a workaround for it.




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How to deal with the rejection in sales

Well there goes a saying.."Failure is the pillar of success"
If there is a rejection that means I have gone wrong somewhere or their is a better way of approaching so instead of getting demoralized one should take the positive out of the rejection and analyze the reason of rejection in order to rectify it. This will enable one to become a better sales person and help him to reach higher up the ladder. as it is widely known...Nights are followed by days..Isn't it?
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To Make Sales- You need to BELIEVE

1. Creating a Friendly Work Environment: Your employees spend a large chunk of their lives working in their office, so you should try to make the office look as friendly and appealing as possible.
2. Take advantage of your wall space. Your employees will spend a lot of time staring at your walls, so this is a great place to catch their attention and motivate them into doing better work.
Put up a bulletin board where people can post pictures, birthday cards, and any relevant personal information that they want to share with their coworkers. This will make people feel more relaxed and comfortable, and they may even smile when they peek at the board.
Recognize outstanding employees. Though you don't have to...

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How to craft an effectivie B2b Blogging Strategy

Lack of an effective content marketing strategy is the biggest barrier for B2B marketers success ,its not enough to create more content, but also making that content more effective. You have to put together some strategies for smarter content creation:
1. Content must be continually renewed for maximum effectiveness.
2. We can outsource some marketing content from outside. It will help you to create more effective content, hire some 3rd-party analysts, freelance writers, guest bloggers to help your content reach next level.
3. For B2B blogs multiple author strategy works best.
4. Compare your content to other similar organizations. You can evaluate your content’s effectiveness that you can be able to build relationship...

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How to Motivate your Sales Representatives?

If You Don’t Motivate Sales Representatives then they
- Reduce their effort. 
- Become negative and start destroying the company culture from the inside.
- Move on to another company.
Motivating the representatives is not to throw more money on them or change compensation plans every month.It never works in the long-term. Its important to show them a documented role profile.
- From The Beginning you need to set goals and expectations.
- Set a Performance Development Plan.
- Have Regular Performance Reviews.
It’s all about keeping them aligned with the business goals and showing them how their numbers can improve their lives both from a financially and personal development

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Google Backup and Sync will take backups of your entire computer on Google Drive

Google Drive is about to become so much more than just storing your files and photos. Leveraging the ever-expanding space that cloud storage is, Google will revamp its Google Drive app for Macs and PCs to offer full computer backups. 
According to a G Suite blog post , Google is launching a new app named Backup and Sync which will likely replace the standard Google Drive app and the Google Photos Backup app. The app will allow people to take extended scheduled backups of their computers. You can choose the folders you want to backup and even schedule when to do it. 
However, the backups will eat up the Google Drive storage limit. For free accounts, Google offers a 15GB of storage across all Google services....

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Alibaba names Damon Xi UCWeb

Alibaba Mobile Business Group on Thursday announced it was elevating Damon Xi as head of Damon Xi in India and Indonesia. In his new role, Damon will be in charge of the UCWeb ecosystem and content co-operation. 
Earlier, Damon was General Manager of UCWeb India, leading business development for the company. 
UCWeb's flagship product UC Browser has over 50 per cent market share in India and Indonesia, ahead of Google Chrome and Opera. 
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In-store sales from Digital Marketing


I have a beauty product with recognition in the Hispanic community. That said, I need to drive in-store visits to multiple Walgreen stores across the US from Digital Marketing (some radio could work as well). What strategy will you recommend? Thanks in advance.



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Has anyone hit a plateau in their sales and marketing?

I feel like i hit a plateau in my sales and marketing. I'm starting to specialize both into one specific thing. Mastering lead generation, and following through to the close, with follow up, and of course creating a professional long term relationship that people can trust.

I'm not really having trouble executing, i practice every day nonstop.

What have you done to get through your creative roadblocks?



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Inventory Management Video

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