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The Completed  signature cards  a must the BE the Submitted to the Commission, Along with all required Supporting documentation. You may mail, fax, or email your complete packet to our office.

     To qualify for a reciprocal license, you must have passed the licensing exam for your license type in one of these states.

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What is Automation process?

IT process automation (ITPA), also known as run book automation (RBA), is the ability to orchestrate and integrate tools, people and processes through workflow. Benefits of ITPA include: reduced human errors, faster response to mission-critical system problems and more efficient allocation of resources.

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For More You Can Check: Business consulting platform Video

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We have a Digi Classicboard 9 that appears to have stopped function correctly. it worked this morning but at some point after lunch the com9 stopped being recognized. When I investigated device manager I was able to determine that in the advance tab of the properties it appears that ports 8 have been disabled with just port1 being assigned a Com number. I clear the com port and re-enumerated them to 5 and they all showed the correct com port again. I clicked OK and checked the advance tab again and the ports 2 returned to showing as disabled.


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 Examples : Home Automation Video...

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Serving the Russian market

The Russian gas transportation system is one of the best-developed in the world. It considerably outperforms conventional gas transportation systems elsewhere both in terms of gas streams and power supply capacity. The system comprises more than 160,000 kilometers of mainstream pipelines and lead-away pipes, 625 line compressor stations with the total capacity of 44,000 megawatts, six complexes for gas and gas-condensate refining and 25 underground storage facilities. Top-quality gas transportation requires world class-equipment. To meet the needs of the Russian gas transport market, Siemens has established a Joint Venture in Perm for pipeline compressor manufacturing and packaging.?


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sales tracking software

If you've been searching for free sales tracking software, you’ve just reached your final destination. Most 'free' CRM solutions come with a catch - limited number of contacts or some other functional limitation. This is not the case with Bitrix26. All CRM records are unlimited. Email marketing is unlimited. Sales reports are unlimited. Telephony module is free  The only practical limit in the free version is 12 sales agents and 5 GB of online storage. Also, Bitrix24 is one of the very few free sales tracking solution that's available both in cloud and on premise as self hosted software that comes with open source code access. Register now or check out videos and manual if you have any...

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Increase transparency, efficiency and simplicity

Since the 2008 financial crisis, stringent regulations enforced to protect customers are key drivers of change in the financial services sector. They have triggered a need for greater transparency, improved efficiencies to reduce operating costs, and a more customer centric approach to deliver products that meet the changing demands of customers.  How is the Asset Management sector addressing these demands? 


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How to transfer iPhone contacts to my s5 ?

Hello. Recently I have trouble with my new s5 and iPhone. I can successfully synced the music files from my iPhone to Mac. The question is that my contacts that are still on the iPhone - How do I get these into my Address Book on the s5? Do you have any ideas??
Help pls!!

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Managing a large project

I'm hoping you can offer some advice.

I am currently going through 2nd stage nterview for a brand new team to develop a new product (moving from desktop to web). I've been told that it's going to be a 3 year project. The designs are complete but that is it.

I have managed many projects in my career, mostly agile but never a 3 year project!

I have no idea how I would kick this project off. Would we need to produce a backlog and complete estimations for the entire project upfront? That feels more like waterfall to me. I'm thinking of breaking the huge project down into smaller deliverables and estimating them separately. 

Any advice greatly appreciated




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A local business

Hey everyone. My parents are opening a local goods market, and I'd like to help them.

Since we are living a pretty small village (around 2 500 people) it won't be a big store. They will not be specializing in any specific market niche, but they will be selling overall goods (everyday stuff, drinks, candies, cosmetics, etc.). Are there any advices I should tell them? Anyone had any experiences? How to make a successful launch to kick-start the business, discounts or how?

The store has a pretty nice location, so people will be coming, but they want to maximize the earnings (they want people to come for bread and go home with a full cart). 

And about advertising, website or offline advertising? Or both? 


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Marketing & Sales

Hi Everyone,

I wondered if theres anyone out there that could offer some advice or suggestions please?
I have just set up a new online business whereby I sell items which are dropshiped from a company directly to my customer. I never see the item at all.
I made my first sale (woohoo) and I guess its sods law that the piece of furniture arrived damaged. As the contract between me and my customer is B2C i have to replace or refund which is perfectly fine. However, my dropshiper has advised that once the product leaves them, with a courier employed/contracted to them, any issues are now my problem, i.e. they will not replace or refund therefore they have my money and i would have to risk placing another order with them to fullfil my...

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