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Received email for another person

I received an email message where the "To" address was not mine. The username was a slight mispelling of my name and the domain was completely different. I remembered a while back that I emailed an Amazon gift certificate to someone who found someone else with a similar email received it and used it. The username was slightly different from the intended person. Amazon would not give us the email of the person who cashed the gift certificate, not would they refund the money. 
I didn't find the right solution from the Internet.
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Lenovo won't boot from any HDD

I just bought a used Lenovo ThinkCentre M58p SFF at a retail store. It had a hard drive with it, but the hard drive already had Windows 7 on it and the Administrative account was password protected.
I tried to go in and wipe the drive by using an installation disk to boot a fresh OS onto the system. However, every time I tried, it took me to the blue screen that said an error has occurred and the process is being halted to prevent further damage to my computer. (For reference, I tried two separate OS installation disks, so I know the issue is not with them specifically.)
Then, I decided to buy a completely new HDD and just install the OS on that. But when I swapped them out, I encountered the same problem.

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How to write extremely seductive sales copy?

I want to make a good number of sale on my blog. I am currently trying in the affiliate marketing sector. I am very much new to this. I would like to know that how do I get irresistible and sexy sales copy which is surely going to make my readers buy from me. Like it has to be so good that if the reader reads the first sentence he/she will have to finish reading the whole sales copy. And after reading he or she will be highly motivated to buy from my website. And I will get a good commission. 

And I am not selling any bad product through affiliate marketing. What I am trying to sell are actually the good things. 

But no matter what I wanna learn the way to write sales copy that is very much irresistible for anything. It may...

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Profitable, aged website and evergreen automated webinar sales funnel for sale

After many years of successful operation, I am moving on from internet marketing to other ventures and offering a complete health product website - structuredwater-filter.com - and automated webinar/sales funnel - Ready to Detoxify? - End Pain, Inflammation and Expand Consciousness? - for sale or lease.

We have sold over $400,000 worth of this product during teleseminars we've produced since 2006. The product has always sold well. All it needs is traffic directed to the sales funnel to begin producing sales. 

I maintain an account with the manufacturer who drop ships the product, so no set up is required to begin operation. Eventually, you will want to have the manufacturer account signed over to you. It's your...

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Effective Email Marketing Strategies

It is always remains into controversy about the effective email marketing strategies. Also there are two common notions about that email marketing still works or not. Some believes that email marketing still works but some find it doesn't work. Although, the answer is that if you are using the right methods then email marketing will definitely work for you such as 

Prepare an effective message

The content of your message should be fresh and effective. It is should be according to the content guidelines

Timing of sending mail

You should be also concerned with time of send an email.





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Which are some successful question and answer forums on the internet?

I have not found any other than Quora.  In my mind, the people who set up Quora did an amazing job.  There were search engines before Google, but Google was far better.  There were question/answer forums before Quora, but Quora has been the first one that has been worth my time.

You've inspired me to submit a question to Quora: why does Quora work so well, when other question/answer forums fail so miserably?

(Note: I have no financial interest in Quora; my only role is that of being a member who loves to read and write answers.)



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Need help,over my head with the M-2 theme

I purchased the M-2 theme for my business, and now it seems that I made a big mistake. This theme is much more complicated than i imagined, and there are no tutorials. I am lost!




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Help - Please point me or advise how to install fonts on a Mac.

Hello there: We've been a member over a year now, and we use terrific stuff on our websites - but with the fonts and tools that come every now and then through email, we'd like to install these fonts on our Mac and use them but we are a bit confused as to how and where we need to install these fonts & templates in order to use them. We're on a Mac, using Pages, using PIxelmator, Numbers, PDF Preview, and of course google suite. Suggestions as to where to download, and how to install the fonts.. thanks. All very appreciated.



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The Envato Tuts+ Forum Has Moved!

Hi Everyone,

As we gradually bring Tuts+ closer within Envato as a whole, we've made the decision to move our community to become part of this central Envato Forum. This is the new place to go with any questions about tutorials, courses, or for chatting with the rest of the Envato community!

It'll be great to have our community in one central place, along with the rest of Envato :smile: Feel free to create new topics in this category, and we'll continue to help you along with the team of instructors and editors.

We hope you enjoy the new forum, and thanks for being part of Envato Tuts+!




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Build a Social App With React Native

I only just purchased this tutorial today and I'm disappointed. It seems that it might already be outdated. :frowning: I could be wrong, but it appears that this may be the case.

I am attempting to create an app that has a social element to it, so thought that this would be a great help to me since I am new to react native, then I realised that some things are greyed out in my editor.

Just wondering if anyone else had similar issues, or if there's a workaround for it.




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