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В настоящее время распределительное предприятие «Молдовагаз» оплачивает российский газ в евро. Об этом в эфире телеканала RTR Moldova заявил председатель правления предприятия Вадим Чебан.

«Сейчас мы платим в евро. Раньше платили в основном в долларах, хотя по договору могли платить и в рублях, и в евро. Были случаи, когда мы платили в рублях, если возникали проблемы с долларами. С 1 мая мы не можем оплачивать в долларах — только в рублях и в евро», — сказал Чебан.

По его словам, «Молдовагаз» не получал от «Газпрома» уведомление о переходе на расчеты в рублях, поскольку Россия...

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Looking for a dependable and speedy internet service provider in Los Angeles?

Get in contact with us to learn about all of the internet alternatives in your area. Los Angeles has undergone a significant digital boom in recent years, and the internet has become a basic requirement for the city. If you live in the dynamic city of Los Angeles, chances are you'll be looking for dependable internet service providers in Los Angeles for your daily needs. We provide all of the resources and support you'll need to discover, compare, then choose the finest internet service providers in Los Angeles for your home or small business.

There are numerous internet service providers in Los Angeles, making it difficult to choose the perfect fit that meets your speed, pricing, and consumption needs. We can help you compare...

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PHP Development Services in USA

As a top PHP web development services in USA firm, we provide one-of-a-kind online solutions for your organisation. PHP is a well-known programming language used to create dynamic web pages and bespoke online applications. For your business, we can offer high-end online solutions and bespoke website development.
The PHP framework is an excellent solution for PHP software developers to save time coding, accelerate development, and ensure good code while developing online applications.

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Automotive Industry

With new automobiles coming out with splendid features and technology to enhance the driving experience, you are sure the Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Automotive Industry will see an exponential growth. Microsoft Dynamics 365 can be tailor-fit for Automotive Industries to streamline manufacturing, build resilient supply chain, and maximize efficiency. Create a high-quality planning and logistic system that seamlessly fits in your line of business, superior product management process, assess product life cycle, reduce costs, sync manufacturing operations, and do a lot more with Microsoft Dynamics 365




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Trying to open the orbi login page? Use these steps

To do the orbi router setup, you need to access the orbi login page through web address orbilogin.net or orbilogin.com. The default gateway can also help to access the orbi router login page. The username/password for orbi login is ‘password’. When you enter orbi login details into the window, you will get into the orbi setup page. 

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2 Common Methods to aol account creation within 10 Minutes

Aol is fast and easy services provides to communicate with your client is via email.In Case you are discusses theirs small business or conducting important meetings.You don't create your aol account don't be upset here's a article to guide how to aol account creation with all easy steps and follow the steps.If you have facing any problems aol account creation,then please contact us for our expert team and also visit our blog.

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2 Proper Methods to yahoo mail create account

Yahoo is one of the most popular email services on the internet.3 ways create to yahoo mail create account here's a article to crate yahoo mail account follow all steps.
Visit to go yahoo.com
click on create an account option that you see on the sign-in page
Enter your information add your phone, Name, Location
Enter Code verification 
If Want More information for you can contact our expert team and you can also visit our blog

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How to contact with cash app phone number

I am Fusion carter like to remain up to date with latest software technology. I am offering technical support for various types of technical errors. If you are facing any problems you can call Cash app Phone Number. We provide you cost-effective support services suiting your budget.

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If you want to download the Apple Pay To Cash app, keep it safe.

You can also use the Apple Cash app to send and receive money using the iPhone messaging app. Sending money using the Apple Pay to Cash app can be tricky. And for novice users, we recommend reading about everything before starting. To protect your savings, you may be asked to verify your identity in some places when using Apple Cash. However,  If you do not provide this information, you may not be able to use all of the Apple Cash features. Then you can visit our website to learn more about cash programs.

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Can I Get Ease While Recovering Cash App Hacked Account?

Of course, you can easily get optimum ease when it comes to getting the access to your Cash App Hacked Account. Besides, if you run into any kind of inconveniences regarding the same, you have to get in touch with the technicians who will help you to enhance your experience without any hassle.

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