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How do I make AOL Webmail my default email application?


This tip is for advanced Windows users. 

Do not edit your registry if you are not comfortable with such things.

To make AOL Webmail your default email application edit the registry key :

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Clients\Mail\AOL Webmail\Protocols\mailto

This is the value to make AOL Webmail your default email application:


If you do not want to make the registry edit an alternative is to try a different web browser called Flock that supports AOL as the default email application.

I tried your advice about making aol webmail your default mailto client. I modified my registry.

Now when i try to email a document from within the document "file" menu, it says sorry, please use outlook express. so i know it's not happy with what i did. 

I know how to change it back, so that's not a problem. 
i'm wondering if you are available to answer a couple of questions, so i can see if i did it correctly.



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