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IPs- and FDQNs on localhost with subnets on MINT 17.3?

I am searching how to setup certain IPs (IPv4) with two (or more) subnets on my localhost for testing and (still) not using virtual machines.
I have a Laptop which I am carrying around all the time traveling and I wonder how it is possible to set such an environment up for testing purposes; e.g. later a test and learning of a bacula, postfix, alfresco or a private CA-SSL, all based on the IPs and FDQNs.
I would like to set up a private subnet (class A).
I am still a bit confused how I map a domain on which IP and how I map two domains on one IP.
Could you suggest how I make it going?
Thank You!!!
I didn't find the right solution from the Internet.


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