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"Magic Mushrooms" May Best Drug for Depression

"Magic Mushrooms" May Best Drug for Depression
Psilocybin, a psychedelic drug included in Magic Mushrooms , is a regular prescription drug with a variety of secondary measures, similar to the antidepressants commonly used to relieve the symptoms of major depression. It exceeds. The results of a small phase II trial show.
A 6-week study of 59 patients with moderate to severe depression found the effects of high doses of psilocybin and the selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor (SSRI) sold under the Lexapro brand name. There was no significant difference from the effects of escitalopram.
Patients in the thyrosibin-treated group showed much faster improvement in key measurements of depression than patients receiving escitalopram, but until this gap became statistically insignificant. , Narrowed during the research period.
"It is very clear that psychedelic therapy is started with antidepressants faster than escitalopram, and psychedelics were consistently superior in side effects, but there was no difference in primary." The lead author, Dr. Robin Carhart Harris, and Psychedelic Research at Center Imperial College London, told reporters at a press conference.
The results of the Phase II, double-blind, randomized trial were published online in the New England Journal of Medicine on April 15.
Secondary results
Researchers have found that mushroom dispensary defeats escitalopram with several secondary consequences, including well-being, the ability to express emotions, and social functioning.
Still, the team warned that no conclusions could be drawn from these secondary measures because of the need for larger and longer studies.
Fifty-nine patients were randomly assigned to psilocybin and 29 patients were assigned to escitalopram. Each step was mirrored in both groups.
All patients received oral psilocybin on two "dosing days" scheduled during the 6-week study. However, the escitalopram group received 1 milligram, while the urinal group received 25 milligrams.
"And the reason we did that is because we can standardize our expectations. We tell everyone that you have psilocybin. Only the dosage can be different." Said Carhart-Harris.
He admitted that most, if not all, patients were able to determine which group they belonged to after the first day of administration, based on the effectiveness of the drug .
After oral administration, the volunteers spent six hours in a bed supported by two "guides" or therapists, surrounded by pillows and carefully selected music. The guide was on hand to support the patient during the psychedelic experience, but did not speak or interfere.
The next day, the patients attended a session with two therapists to discuss their experiences.
During the day of administration, patients in the high-dose silosibine group were taking capsules containing placebo daily. The low dose group took a course of escitalopram.

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Benefits of Using a Vape Pen Canada

Benefits of Using a Vape Pen Canada
A handheld device consisting of a battery mounted in a cartridge filled with cannabis concentrate. With the Vape Pen Canada, the concentrate is heated without burning. Instead of smoke, the output is steam. Due to the smokelessness and convenience of Vape Pens, some cannabis users prefer vaping to smoking.
Vaping has a long history. Ancient Egyptians used hot stones to draw steam from heated herbs, and the "shisha", now known as the hookah, was introduced to India thousands of years ago.
Fast-forwarding in 2003, Chinese pharmacist Hon Lik tried to get into the habit of smoking and came up with a way to vaporize the nicotine solution using high-frequency ultrasound, all in a tobacco-like device. The first e-cigarette vaporizer was introduced in the United States in 2007.
Today's arc pens use a small heater to vaporize. Of course, marijuana users use cannabis concentrate instead of nicotine solution.
Ark Pens have several advantages over smoking cannabis flowers, especially for new consumers.
They are convenient. The cartridges are small, portable and pre-filled with distillates and concentrates. Carrying multiple flowers is much easier than carrying different types of flowers, and changing them is easy.
They are modest.
Ark pens are so popular with tobacco smokers that they haven't received much attention these days. The odor of vapors is also much less irritating than the odor of burning cannabis flowers, so it is possible to inhale vapors.
 -Probably unnoticed-Smoking is not allowed in many places.
They are less harmful. Studies show that when cannabis is burned, inhaled smoke contains at least 100 toxins, some of which can cause cancer. Vaporizers do not heat marijuana until it burns or burns, so people who use them are not exposed to their toxins. There is no long-term study on vaporization yet, but a 2010 study of 20 daily cannabis smokers with pre-existing lung conditions found that only one month after using the vaporizer. There was a "significant improvement" in lung health.
They are cleaner. The cartridge is disposable and does not need to be cleaned with sticky resin. And the only output is water vapor
-No smoke, no ashes, no confusion.
Choosing an arc pen over smoking cannabis flowers also has some drawbacks, including higher prices, fewer varieties, and potential health risks associated with cutting agents.

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