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black cherry punch strain

Black Cherry Punch Strain Medical Benefits

Black Cherry Punch Strain Medical Benefits
Black cherry punch strain probably came up with genetics based on the name here, but these women's seeds are from Seed Bank's favorite purple punches and black cherry punch strain. In case it is a mixed product. It's a deep heritage and there are enough Kush, Afghan and African stocks to guarantee you a treat.
But even given an impressive pedigree, this high THC strain (more than 20%) will surprise you with its quality. By combining the characteristics of her parents (from sweet taste to early flowering), a new and unique strain that allows you to compete for the crown of her beloved cannabis cup-winning ancestor.
The flavor and aroma profile of the Black Cherry Punch, including sweet cherries with a mysterious base coat of floral goodness and spices, is a considerable experience even for the most veteran veterans. The sweet, fruity and dominant flavor here comes from a blend of limonene and caryophyllene. This is a classic cookie combination that gives the flavor of the baked goods.
Below that is a rustic, old-fashioned scent (made by Myrcene), a floral and sweet note (made by linalool), and a pine-like atmosphere (made by pinene). This broad influence gives a unique note to both the taste and aroma here. In both cases, it's like remembering it as soon as you experience it and wanting to come back soon!
Great tension at night. The body and mind have two completely different experiences with this cannabis strain, but they complement each other beautifully. Your mind will feel completely relaxed, with a euphoric and soothing atmosphere that feels like a soft pillow in your head!
It is characterized by a tingling sensation throughout the body, which lifts the mood from the toes to the top. The combination of these effects makes you feel chilly but very talkative and helps you to chat with friends for a long night before the high THC content will eventually lead you to a deep and wonderful sleep.

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