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Using current events to drive traffic to your blog

Whether you’ve been publishing your law firm’s blog for several years or for just a few months, it can be a challenge to come up with relevant legal topics that will engage loyal readers and attract new followers.

One effective way to drive blog traffic is to write about current events in the news.

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Best practices for sharing content via third-party websites

Any legal practitioner who has written a blog post, article or white paper knows all too well that it’s time consuming and takes focus. The good news is that not only does sharing original content on your own website help to strengthen your position as a subject-matter expert to current and potential clients; you can also effectively widen your sphere of influence by leveraging third-party content providers.

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How to reach boomers, Gen-Xers and millennial clients with content marketing

There’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all approach to content marketing. This is especially true when it comes to marketing to different age groups. People who grew up in different decades were deeply influenced by the mores, technologies and popular culture of their generation, and thus respond better to different marketing channels and messages.

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How to add value to your online content

In his ground-breaking book SPIN Selling, behavioural scientist turned sales training guru Neil Rackham stated that the definition of a  successful sales call is one after which the client would have been happy to write the seller a cheque in exchange for the value they received.

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More than a Third of French Voters Support Candidates Involved in Corruption Scandals

The first round of the French presidential election will take place this Sunday, April 23, following a campaign season punctuated by corruption scandals. While French voters have little trust in politicians, according to the latest polls, about 40 percents of voters still plan to support candidates who have allegedly abused their power for financial gain.

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High impact judges for Event Technology Awards 2017

Colin Rodger, Head of Event Management at DF Concerts, Alison Church, Event Director at Easyfairs, Ben Willcox, Event Technology Manager for British Gymnastics and Jim Curry, Founder of Exhibitor Smarts, are among the first tranche of judges confirmed for this year’s Event Technology Awards (ETA).

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information security

Information security (infosec) is a set of strategies for managing the processes, tools and policies necessary to prevent, detect, document and counter threats to digital and non-digital information. Infosec responsibilities include establishing a set of business processes that will protect information assets regardless of how the information is formatted or whether it is in transit, is being processed or is at rest in storage.

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13 of the best accounting software tools for small businesses

Account management is necessary for an organisation's overall financial health.
And with most accounting tools out there providing custom invoicing, payment tracking and full financial reporting, choosing the right software for your business can become a mammoth task. To help, we've provided 13 account management tools designed for small businesses.
Here are 13 of the best accounting software tools for small businesses (listed in alphabetical order).
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7. NetSuite
NetSuite offers a variety of products for small businesses (and of course larger enterprises). Within its small business portal, NetSuite - which was recently acquired by Oracle - provides an online accounting software offering financial planning, recurring revenue management, order and billing management and inventory management and supply chain controls.
Depending on the size of your small business, if it's on the larger size, NetSuite has certain products that could be used in conjunction with 
standard account management tools, such as SuiteBilling, an order-to-billing service.
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8. One Up
One Up
One Up supports invoicing, accounting, inventory services and a CRM, so for businesses looking for a one-stop-shop, One Up is definitely one to consider.
Initially developed for Android devices, One UP now offers a full web version which lets its users manage records, transactions, sales orders and overall profit and loss.
Bank accounts are easily synced and the browser interface is simple, if not a little large. But this will be due to the move from mobile to web.
However, as One UP was created for Android, the mobile experience is full-featured and extremely well made.
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9. QuickBooks
© QuickBooks
QuickBooks offers a well-rounded account management software package. With QuickBooks, users can estimate tax payments, track deductible mileage, create and send invoices, manage VAT, run payroll, provide multiple currencies and control stock levels.
All of QuickBook's claimed 1.5 million subscribers have access to a real-time dashboard offering both a desktop and mobile experience. 
QuickBooks also offers a cloud accounting service providing business bookkeeping and full financial management, leveraging the collaborative nature of the cloud.
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10. Sage
Sage offers both desktop and online accounting programmes, enabling users to analyse and manage, VAT, invoices, stock, budgets and payroll.
Sage offers eight different, but similarly named, accounting packages, One Start, One Accounting, Sage Live, 50 Accounts Essential, 50 Accounts, 50 Accounts Plus, 50 Accounts Professional and Sage 200 Standard Online.
Typically aimed at small businesses, Sage One Accounting, 50 Accounts Essential, 50 Accounts and its extended version, 50 
Accounts Plus - offer businesses with around 5 to 100 employees - bookkeeping software with cash flow, VAT, stock and sales management.
With Sage 50 Accounts and Plus offering remote access, intuitive project costing tool and day-to-day financial management.
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11. Wave Accounting
Wave Accounting
© Wave
Wave Accounting offers free accounting software, aimed at micro businesses, freelancers and entrepreneurs.
Wave users will receive lots of useful and competitive features, including automatic billing and invoicing, automatic data sync, receipt scanning and PayPal integration. 
Wave also offers a handy dashboard providing a snapshot of your data from income, expenses and bank accounts to payables, receivables and all recent activity.
Like with most free applications, there are some drawbacks. Wave does rely on advertising revenue, which means you will see a few external ads from time to time and have Wave's own branding on your invoices and other accounting materials.
Payroll services are also not included, so you'll have to pay $4 (£3.11) per employee or go to a paid platform for this.
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12. Xero
© Xero
Aimed at small businesses, Xero offers an accounting software that enables users to create and customise invoices, payroll and expense 
reports. In addition, users can create a tracked inventory, create purchase orders and connect to over 500 third-party apps (most of which 
centre on invoicing, time tracking and expanse claims).
Claiming to have over 700,000 subscribers, Xero provides account management across smartphone, tablet and PCs
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13. Zoho Books
Zoho Books
© Zoho
Zoho also offers a comprehensive online accounting suite for small businesses. Users can track expenses, inventory and clients across 
mobile, tablet, laptop and PC.
Zoho Books can integrate other popular Zoho software to create a custom business package, these include Zoho CRM, Expense, subscriptions, Reports , Inventory and Projects.
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1. ClearBooks
Cloud accounting software ClearBooks o
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United CEO: No One Will Be Fired Over Forced Removal of Passenger

The CEO of United Airlines says no one will be fired over the dragging of a man off a plane — including himself.

CEO Oscar Munoz said Tuesday that he takes full responsibility "for making this right," and he promised more details later this month after United finishes a review of its policies on overbooked flights.

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Emirates Reduces Flights to the U.S. Due to Trump Administration Security Measures

The Middle East's biggest airline says it is reducing flights to the United States because of a drop in demand caused by tougher US security measures and attempts by the Trump administration to ban travelers from a number of Muslim-majority nations.

Emirates said on Wednesday that the reductions will affect five of its 12 US destinations, starting next month. It called the move "a commercial decision in response to weakened travel demand" in the three months since President Donald Trump took office.


Twice daily Emirates flights to Boston, Los Angles and Seattle will be reduced to once a day. Daily flights to Ft. Lauderdale and Orlando will be pared down to five per week.



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