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Wireless and Digital Services

I really like hard problems, and so when people say ‘mesh networks’ to me, my mind is instantly drawn to the hardest problem I can think of: ‘Mobile Ad-Hoc Sensor Networks’.

Mesh networking is an interesting thing. It comes in many guises, and has been lauded over the years as the solution to a wide variety of problems. The basic concept behind mesh is really simple, instead of a ‘traditional’ star network, where you have one router (or gateway) with many nodes, in a mesh network every node is also a router. The trouble is, despite this simple definition, people use the word ‘mesh’ to mean all manner of things, for example:

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Achieving Realistic Deadlines for Your Manufacturing Projects

As a consultant, I frequently work with companies that lack a unified business process and struggle to deliver their projects on time. Even though I hear the same story time and again, I’m surprised by how so many organizations function in a state of constant chaos. It doesn’t have to be this way!

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An impact-focused cyber breach exercise

A stark reality of today's world is that businesses must constantly defend against relentless attempts to steal their computer data or damage their systems. Few, however, have serious plans for how they will respond to the impact of an actual breach - and even fewer stress-test those plans.

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Machine Learning is Driving the Partnership between IBM and Salesforce

focus of the partnership is on marrying Salesforce’s “system of record” status around customer relationship data, with IBM’s lead in cognitive computing in the form of Watson.  IBM brings large data sets to the table as well as additional machine learning capabilities that likely accelerate the application of cognitive or ML techniques to Salesforce’s datasets, hopefully to the benefit of their mutual customers.

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Global accounting standards

LIKE railway tracks that appear to converge but never actually intersect, the project to get the world’s big economies to use the same accounting standards cannot quite close a vital gap. America’s public companies currently release financial statements based on the country’s own “generally accepted accounting principles” (GAAP). 

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How to Improve Security's Reputation Within Your Organisation

Within many organisations, security gets a bad rep. Even with top-tier talent manning your security team, there are a handful of wider issues that limit their ability to improve the overall security of the organisation.

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The Age of Digital Transformation

 If you had to describe today’s service culture in one word, it would be ‘Now’. Why is this? Just look at all the services around us that deliver almost instantly. We can book flights to an exotic location while we are heading to a work meeting in a taxi, arrange flowers to be received the same day across the globe, or use an app to have dinner from a hot new restaurant delivered to your home.


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Real Time Fund Accounting

Profit-oriented businesses and non-profit organizations use two different accounting methods to track, record, and report their financial performances depending on their purposes and goals: the traditional business accounting system and the Fund Accounting method.

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SecuriTay 2017 & the Future of An Industry

At SecuriTay, the talks ran into two tracks in a packed day of content. Opening the conference with the keynote was Abertay University graduate turned NCC Group senior security consultant Gavin Holt, who presented on Active Directory and “adventures in pen testing Windows Estates.” Explaining that Active Directory is used by everyone from small businesses to huge global institutions, Holt ran through a number of obfuscated case studies of examples where Active Directory had been done badly.

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How to Develop a Product Strategy Your Competitors Will Love

Product managers think developing a product strategy is a difficult undertaking that always requires a lot of work. But guess what? Psst! Come closer: They're wrong.


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