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Canadian Tax Issue with PayPal


I see there's been a lot of discussion in the forum about the application of taxes to orders. I too am having a problem with it and I haven't seen anything that is of help. Here's the issue. I have my PayPal business account (standard) set up to apply federal GST (5%) and provincial PST (7%). The taxes are listed as "active" in PayPal. When I make a test purchase, the taxes are not applied to the order. I understand from the forum that this is not an issue with DLGuard (although it's a bit mis-directing as DLG does set the price) and is an issue with PayPal. Unfortunately I just cannot see anything wrong with the PayPal set up. Can you please advise? Or...can you log in and take a look? Since there are so many questions about taxes on the forum, I'd be more than happy to post the findings up here to help the next guy out. 
Please help. 
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Is an IA possible?

A taxpayer wants to go on an installment agreement for back taxes. However, he did not file a tax return in 2008. The IRS filed a substitute for return (SFR), and they levied his money in order to pay for the amount due for that year. My understanding is the IRS will accept an installment agreement only if all required tax returns have been filed. Will the IRS accept an installment agreement for this taxpayer for more recent back taxes regarding tax year 2012, or will they claim he still needs to file a tax return for 2008 and reject his request for an installment agreement?

Please help...

I didn't find the right solution from the Internet.

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