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Ability to prioritize or chain automation processes?

 An Incident is assigned to a team, with no owner selected yet. Tier 1 reassigns to a specific user (may or may not be the same team). The intent is to send an email to the selected user only. Both the Notify Incident Owner of Assignment and Notify Incident Team of Assignment automation processes are enabled. Re-assigning directly to a user causes a change to both the Owned By field and Owned By Team field.
Issue: This action will trigger both automated processes, sending an email to the team as well as the user, each time an Incident gets assigned directly to a user.
I inherited these processes, so I don't know if they are OOTB or not. If not, I can elaborate.
I added to the expression in Limit Records in the Notify Incident Team of Assignment process to check and make sure that the Owned By field is empty. However, both still fire off.
Please Help.
Thanks !
I didn't find the right solution from the internet.

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