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Recovering Files from an Unresponsive Hard Disk!

My laptop's hard disk became unresponsive after a few power outages. I took it out and connected it to another machine through USB as an external drive. It spins and reads. The 4 partitions seem to appear, alas no info on their sizes or contents or on any other of their properties. In fact, it causes the entire machine to hang too.
I do not believe the disk has endured any physical damage. I have important files in one of the partitions. The first partition is what Windows creates for its boot management and it's about 100 megabytes in size. The second partition is a Windows 7 partition holding those important files. The third partition is also a Windows 7 partition, probably without any important files, though I'm not sure. The fourth partition is unallocated space, and it's never been formatted.
Thank you !!
Reference http://www.linuxquestions.org/questions/linux-hardware-18/recovering-files-from-an-unresponsive-hard-disk-4175610400/

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