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Which social media apps do you use?

I installed Instagram. It was completely by off-chance, after my wife told me she posted something on it. I looked at her in shock and asked her in bewilderment - "you're on instagram?"... "why? Isn't it the same as Facebook, but with less options?"
she told me there were more people there.
so... curious as I was... I downloaded it.
Goodness f**ing gracious. It was that feeling... the kind of feeling you might get if you died at the old age of 150, and found all your relatives and friends partying in heaven and all welcoming you with open arms to the club with that "where the hell were you all this time?" kind of feeling.
Almost every single one of my relatives, friends, colleagues... EVERYONE was posting on it, and frequently!
?Thank you !!
Reference https://www.theverge.com/2017/3/28/15085810/which-social-media-apps-do-you-use

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