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AMD Build with Asus and Ryzen but budget conscious

Always overwhelmed with the options and the details. 
I have an Asus GTX 970 Ti Strix on an Asus MoBo with an old FX 6300
Skyrim SE with zillion mods is getting a bit choppy and my Dax Studio IRay renders are okay but man, loading scenes takes ages. Like a full minute sometimes. Ugh. 
Samsung evo 840 SSD's and a few HDDs for backing up things. All on SATA. 
So now I'm just not sure... I have good experience with Asus so I'll probably stick with that but I want to be able to hook up a lot of SATA devices.
I work with compressed files a lot and the FX 6300 is showing its age there. So I figure I upgrade to a Ryzen but which one???
What do I need 8 cores for? Is the little bit of MHZ really going to make a difference everyday?
Apparently I really ought to pay attention to RAM and I just want to know what to buy without breaking the bank. I don't need too of the line. I need sensible budget conscious workhorse equipment that I can live with for 3 years or so.
Reference http://www.tomshardware.com/answers/id-3473360/amd-build-asus-ryzen-budget-conscious.html

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