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Classical miniatures at Saffronart’s spring sale

Scenes that kindle the religiosity of the devotee, scenes that bring alive the beauty of the past, scenes that extol the earthly powers of usefulness in cows and the magnificence of Lord Krishna the blue God. Saffronart’s epic collection of classical miniatures will go under the hammer on March 9 in Mumbai.

Saffronart is geared up to host its 2nd Evening Sale of Classical Indian Art on 9thMarch 2017 in Mumbai.  The evening sale will offer an extraordinary collection of 81 lots featuring miniature paintings and rare sculptures. Saffronart has curated a collection that showcases great quality and provenance, with some of the best works entering the auction market for the first time.

The sale features paintings from the property of Motichand Khajanchi, a noted jeweller from Bikaner, who amassed one of the finest collections of Rajasthani miniatures several of which were directly acquired from the royal family of Bikaner and feature in this auction. Lot 1-36 are a testament to his fine aesthetic eye. Some of the works carry artist signatures on the reverse, which is rare among miniature paintings.

Lot 1 and 2 have Lord Krishna dancing with the cows.Lot 1 has been created by Ahmad Kasam 1828-1771 AD-it has perfect proportions,it echoes the plurality of India’s religions-a Muslim artist creating a perfect image of the Hindu god Lord Krishna.Not only are Krishna’s clothes the very symbol of divinity in gorgeousness ( orange dhoti with gold booties) the picture of devotion breathes as we see the four white cows looking at him in adoration as he playfully waves his flute at one.Love and deep bhakti become vital elements in this work that speaks through the ages about Krishna’s love for cows their sacred role in our lives and the eternal connection between Goavrdhan and the cows.


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