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Importance of Customer Service in Financial Services at cash app


Some of the financial services include insurance services, investment services, tax and accounting services.


Who provides financial services?

  • Commercial banks
  • Investment banks
  • Credit union
  • Insurance companies
  • Brokerage Firms


How has society shifted from banks to online payment applications?

The banking industry has grown and changed drastically since it started. Although it began as a medium of exchanging currencies for the sale and purchase of foreign goods and to facilitate trade, banks have now become the backbone of a country’s economy.

We have come a long way as a society and so has the banking industry. The more digitised we get the easier it is to have access to anything including online banking and financial services.


In 2022, a person no longer has to clear their schedule, visit banks and stand in long queues for the purpose of transferring funds. Every bank and financial service provider now offers their services online through the internet. These ways include applications and online portals.


Some of the applications for online Banking services are: 


  • PayPal

 PayPal is one of the most recognised and convenient online payment applications.

While it is easy to use and offers secure payments, PayPal charges a fee on business accounts.


  • Venmo

Venmo is owned by PayPal and is designed essentially to make payments to friends and family. Venmo offers an option of instant transfers to its users but imposes a 3% fee on payments made by credit card.



  • Cash App


Cash App is also one of the leading online payment apps. The Cash App lets you send or request payments from anyone, the money is deducted from your linked bank account without any cost. And when something goes wrong then Cash App customer service comes to help the users. 



  • Google Pay or GPay


When it comes to online services Google can’t and will not stay behind. The Gpay app only requires your google account to sign up. No fees have to be paid to make payments to friends and family.


While these payment apps are conveniently fast and easy to use, they contain extremely sensitive information and can put your account on hold if detected suspicious activity. Well, not just this, online payment applications come with many setbacks and flaws:


  •  Payment stuck

Sometimes while using these online payment apps ensure an internet connection. An uncertain internet connection can cause your payment to not go through or worse, put it on hold.



  •  Account linking failed


Many users complain while signing up on a new online payment app that their debit card was not linking on the app.


  •  Fraud/Scam

Unfortunately, scams and frauds are very common among online payment apps. The number of these Frauds and scams are increasing significantly every day.


These problems can be depressing and cause heavy inconvenience. If you ever found yourself stuck in any of these situations contact the customer service of the app immediately.


Whom to ask for help?

                   All the online payment apps provide customer service to their users. None of these companies wants to see their consumers in distress. No matter the problem, each online payment app provides customer service 24/7 to its users. These customer care executives will guide you every step of the way out of your problem. If you are using the Cash App mobile application then consider calling the Cash App phone number for urgent help. 


Every customer service provides you with two options while contacting them – calling and texting. This depends on the urgency that you decide to call or text them.


How does customer service help?


They will listen: The customer service will listen to all your queries and problems patiently.


They will guide: They will help you step-by-step till all your problems and issues are resolved.


Issue a complaint: If your issue does not resolve, the customer service will file your complaint in their forum and dive deep into the problem. They will provide you with information


The customer service will provide you with all the information about the company’s products and service in detail and will also help you with all your questions and doubts. Customer service executives are technically trained and know almost all the problems a customer may face and their solution. The executives are empathetic, understanding and patient.


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