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Eyelash Extension Supplier

If you're watching for wholesalers of eyelash extension supplier, you landed on the right website. Our program here at Mailashbrow allows you to save money on these supplies  and inventories you need to service your clients and save your money.We didn’t just offer lashes, only we complete requirements you need for eyelash extension process or appointment.


Why Mailash Brows is Best Wholesale Supplier


With so many suppliers, how you choose the right supplier for your business.Lash techs and estheticians have more choice than ever these days, with the ability to invest in their supplies and inventories online with the click button.

So, why do so many of them             continue to choose Mailash Brows over the competition? It's simple            nobody offer best eyelash extension than us. And a huge reason is that we have more than the other suppliers have.


Shop From A Wide-Ranging Of Products From Top Brands

MaiLash & Brows is an eyelash extension supplier that ties up with top brands. We focus on bringing you high-quality falsies at reasonable prices. Take a look at the brands tie-up with us: -

  • LivBay - We bring you a wide range of eyelashes from LivBay. An expert in eyelash extensions, LivBay is known for its assumptions , focus to give you the perfect eyelash experience.
  • PLA - PLA is another brand tie-up with MaiLash & Brows. PLA Lashes come in different volumes, colors and lengths, giving you many options to choose from.
  • PMU - Another famous brand tie-up with MaiLash & Brows is PMU. From eyelash accessories to what not! PMU is a realizable brand.


What Product We Offer-

We offer these products-

  1. Wholesale Lash glue and remover
  2. Eyelash extension tweezer
  3. Additional Lash tech accessories




As important as choosing an eyelash is, so is picking out the right eyelash accessories!

We know this and hold on to a wide variety of accessories that will fit your needs.

Before you order eyelash accessories, you consider a few facts so that your eyelash stays on for long hours without causing irritation or itching.

While choosing lash accessories, one needs to think about -

  • Sensitivity
  • Speed
  • Preference
  • Retention


What is Our Aim-

With an aim to provide you with high-quality lash extensions products Mailash Brows takes pride in being a high quality eyelash extension supplier. We have a huge selection of semi-permanent makeup products from top brands and that too at a cheap price. We attempt to give professionals assistance in permanent makeup and eyelash extensions.Explore our wide range of collections of eyelash extensions, eyeliner tattoos, and so on from famous brands. Place your order online or if you have a query then you can call us.


Why Do You Buy From Mailash Brows ?


What makes MaiLash & Brows separate from other eyelash extension suppliers and eyelash accessories supply chains? It is a simple factor that we focus to assist professionals in every way possible with eyelash extensions and permanent makeup.

Check out our collection of falsies and other lash accessories, including eyelash accessories, We cover all accessories of lash extension.

So, We can proudly say that we are the best Eyelash extension supplier.


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