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What Are The Features Of IGO Launchpad Development ?


Before knowing the features of IGO launchpad development, it is essential to know what is IGO launchpad.

Initial Game Offering (IGO) Launchpad Development is a significant process of developing a high-end platform to host gaming projects for NFTs. IGO Launchpad Development is the underlying solution to create a world-class successful gaming project like Axie Infinity, CryptoBlades, Alien Worlds, & much more. 

Entrepreneurs take this immense opportunity by creating a unique IGO project embedded with gaming features & functionality. The underlying reason behind it is,” IGO’s are good for investment”. One who aims to launch their very first IGO Launchpad will get a first-class solution from IGO Launchpad Development Company

Developcoins - We are happy to extend our support by providing IGO Launchpad Development Solutions across horizons. Our team ensures to offer high-end security while developing gaming IGO Launchpad for our clients. 

Features of Our IGO Launchpad 


Flow Trading 

Flow trading eliminates the restrictions like cooling period. One who wishes to make a transaction via IGO Launchpad platforms can make an instant transaction directly. 

Instant Liquidity 

Liquidity to transfer NFTs via IGO launchpad is instantly available. So there is no scarcity for liquidity to make a successful transaction. 


We take responsibility for optimization and that brings feasibility to your IGO project. 

Multi-Chain Support

Multi-chain support enhances interoperability thus making a gateway to make inter-chain transfers. 

Cross-Chain Compliance

IGOs work finely with other blockchains & it makes much easier for making cross-chain transfers.


KYC in IGO launchpad supports to offer guaranteed privacy & to prevent fraudulent activities. 


Gaming IGO Launchpad are made transparent to the public and it is put as “Open source” to the audience for transparency. 

Hope, now you know the features of IGO launchpad development now. Hope, it will be useful for you.


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