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Uses and Features of Plasma Cutting System

Uses and Features of Plasma Cutting System

Do you have a large array of cutting work and are not finding an optimum solution? No worries! Now, you can make use of plasma cutting. It is an intuitive cutting system that can cut the materials in a flawless manner. You can use it for brass, copper, steel, and conductive metals such as iron, zinc, gold, etc. It is an advanced-level cutting system that is actively used in various sectors. You can take an example of industrial constructions, automotive construction, manufacturing, and scrapping. These are the ideal areas that practice this cutting method to get precise, fast, and convenient results.

What is the process of this super-advanced cutting system?

Well, the basic process that is involved in this cutting is creating an electrical conduit of superheated ionized gas. It is a system that ejects material from the cut by melting at a temperature of above 20000 degrees Celsius. The cutting process takes place when the electric arc of the machine strikes between the jet and the metal. The plasma cutter deploys a high-speed jet of ionized gas that melts the material in a fraction of seconds. The high velocity of gas blows the melted material away which leads to separation.

The top features of plasma arc cutting are as mentioned below


Safety comes at first. So, using this technology is safer than manual processes. It uses gas for completing the cutting procedure which is not highly flammable. So, safety is assured while cutting. However, it should be handled by an experienced technician and also need to follow some safety manuals.


When it comes to performing cutting on diverse materials, you might have to invest in different sources. But, when you involve plasma in a cutting process, it gives you flexibility. Diversity is the best feature of a plasma cutter that can use an electric arc. It can cut different materials that are not suitable for any other technology. Brass, aluminum, copper, stainless steel, and conductive materials are the ideal targets of plasma.

Ease of use

Ease of use is another enticing feature of this technology that makes it a good choice for cutting. Using this cutting machine is fairly easier than other tools and requires minimum training. There is no special requirement to use this technique. However, at the initial stage training is essential to just make the user aware of the cutting procedure.

No match of speed

Speed is an essential feature of a plasma system that has no match with traditional cutting scenarios. You can imagine self that it has five times more fast speed than manual cutters. A plasma cutter is capable of cutting up to 500 inches of material per minute. It is a winning cutting process when it comes to time and effort saving. Cutting is done in one-fourth of time that is ideal to save time to a significant extent.

Utmost precision

Well, every manufacturing requires precise cutting to reduce the costs, effort, and wastage. When it comes to attaining neat and clean cutting, nothing can beat a plasma arc. It requires less effort to cut the material in different shapes and angles without any wastage. This is probably the major advantage of this technique.

Low-cost cutting

The cutting-edge technology is comparatively less expensive than laser and water-jet cutting.


To sum up, plasma cutting is no doubt an emerging technology that works well in construction. Despite, speed and high temperature, it can keep the material cool and deliver precise cuts. You can consult with professionals to obtain this machine for setup in your construction business

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