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Types of Mobile Testing

Mobile technology and smart devices are the bearing now and will develop the future of the world as we know it. The mobile solution has taken over the market. They want their handheld devices to make everything quick. Hence the mobile solutions which we pass to our clients should be examined very well. This tutorial is designed for those who are already in mobile testing or switched to a mobile testing field in recent times. 

Mobile Application testing is the process of every application. It is different from web-based application testing and desktop. Looking for Mobile Testing Training in Chennai? Step into FITA Academy We are the best leading institution for Mobile Testing Course in Chennai.

Types of Mobile Testing

Two kinds of testing are there that can take place on mobile devices:

  1. Hardware testing:

The device can include the internet processors, resolution, internal hardware, screen sizes, space or memory, radio, camera, Bluetooth, WIFI, etc...

  1. Software or Application Testing 

The applications that operate on mobile devices and their functionality are examined. It is called a "Mobile Application" to separate it from the earlier method. Even in Mobile applications, the basic differences are important to understanding. 

A. Native apps:  

A native application is created for use on a platform like gadgets, and mobile and tablets.  

B. Mobile Web Apps: Mobile web Apps are server-side apps to access websites on mobile using different browsers like Firefox, Chrome, by connecting to a mobile network or wireless network like WIFI.  

CHybrid Apps: Hybrids are combinations of native app and web apps. They can run on a device or offline and written using web technologies like HTML5 and CSS.   

The mobile application testing method is different from desktop and web-based application testing. Mobile apps are important for conducting business. Are looking for Mobile Testing Training in Bangalore? Step into FITA Academy one of the best leading institutions for the Mobile Testing Course in Bangalore.

Few basic varieties set these apart: 

  • Native apps are written in platforms like SDKs while Mobile web apps, which are written in web technologies like CSS, HTML, Java, PHP, asp.net. 
  • Native apps have a single platform affinity while mobile web apps have a cross-platform affinity. 
  • A native app can be renewed from the play store or app store while free apps are centralized updates. 
  • Native app works faster when connected to mobile web apps.  
  • Native apps are connected from the Google play store or app store, where the mobile web is a website and are only accessible through the Internet. 

Mobile Application Testing is one of the software testing of applications on mobile devices to verify that the properties are running easily in terms of their operations, usability, functions, operations, and interaction. Are you looking for a Mobile Application Testing Online Training?. FITA Academy is the best leading institution for Mobile testing online training. 


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