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The Best Programming Languages for Mobile App Development

If you are leaping to create your mobile app to prepare the user’s attention – you require to concentrate on taking the right technology and the right programming language to produce a strong, innovative, and user-friendly app. Mobile app development is a method for creating mobile applications that operate on mobile devices.

These applications can either be pre-installed and installed by the user later. They use the network abilities of the device to manage computing devices remotely. Are you seeking Mobile app development courses in Chennai? FITA is one of the best leading training institutes for Mobile application development Courses in Chennai

Many programming languages are there to choose multiple factors like pros, cons, and as well as the popularity of the language, before deciding to build the most popular mobile app. 


"JavaScript will stay relevant as long as people use the internet". JavaScript is the best platform for app development Mobile apps are used for various platforms, and web browsing, and it also can be compiled from the array of programming languages.  

JavaScript Pros

  • It the Flexible and versatile and can be used in many ways through Node.Js 
  • Straightforward to work with and easy to control.
  • No set standard and plenty of room for variation. 


Kotlin is a statistical models programming language utilized for the development of modern Android applications. Kotlin is the best language such as Java to make high-performing and robust apps. Popular apps built-in Kotlin are Trello, Coursera, Evernote, and many more.

Kotlin Pros

  • Interoperable and adaptable and can quickly manage the faults of JAVA.
  • Compact, Clean, and sharp syntax development team efficiency.
  • Has full support from Google and IDE's installation packages including android and SDK toolkit.
  • Simple, Generated compact and cleaner code as compared to JAVA.

C++ is supposed to be an honest option for mobile app development. It is a general-purpose, object-oriented language with generic and low-level memory use features. C++ is used for developing games, GUI-based applications, real-time mathematical simulations, banking apps, etc... C++ is recommended with cloud computing apps, it can quickly adapt to developing hardware or ecosystems.     

Pros of C++

  • Stable and Fast and has a vast pool of ready-to-use in-built libraries and compilers. 
  • No garbage collector is running in the background. 
  • If you know C++ you can immediately learn C, JAVA, C#.
  • The app can run on any platform and take advantage of any hardware. 

The Mobile App development process needs building software that can be fixed on the device, and allowing backend services for data access through APIs, and testing the applications on the target devices. Are you seeking Mobile app development courses? FITA is one of the best leading training institutes for Online app Development Course.


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